Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Abhi Reveals The Truth To The Media

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9 June 2022 Written Episode on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Mahima chastises Akshu for his rude behaviour. Akshu claims that he rushed to Neil’s aid when he learned of his presence. In light of Suwarna’s assertion that the topic at hand belongs to Neil rather than Akshu, we may put this discussion to rest for the time being. Because I don’t want my brother to be stuck on the road for more than a few days, Abhi asks that you all take care of him.

As far as Kairav and I are concerned, Neil is like a brother to us. Abhi thanks him and departs. Both Mahima and Akshu have also decided to leave the country. Anand tells me that Neil is with Goenkas, Mahima phoned, and he’s well.

Everyone would have gone crazy without him doing anything, so he’s glad he didn’t. I’m simply worried about the reputation of Birla Hospital, because if this gets out, everything will end. The insult may be avoided, according to Anand. Whatever you want to do, I’m all for it. Harsh tells me what to do. When Anand sees Manjiri, he’s taken aback.

The media are waiting for Abhi, Mahima, and Akshu at the gate. Answering the phone is a team effort, with Shefali, Parth, and Anand taking turns. In response to Mahima’s question regarding how they learned about Harsh, she orders them to remove the automobile from the garage’s rear gate. Upon spotting Abhi, the reporters proceeded to inquire about Neil and his DNA match. Abhi pulls his car up to the gate and opens it.

They exit the vehicle. Akshu has a hiccup. He puts his hand on hers. He’s off. Manjiri inquires as to why Neil did not accompany you. It sounds like he will make it. He comforts her by wiping away her tears. Shefali wonders who leaked the information to the press. Parth suspects you of pulling this off. She pleads with him to have some trust in her. Abhi advises us to reveal the truth to them.

Harsh nods at Anand, who smiles and nods back. Manjiri accepts Harsh’s apologies. She’s taken aback. He apologises for everything and asks for forgiveness, saying, “I know you’ve been wounded, and I’m truly sorry.” Manjiri advises against apologising for anything. Harsh begs for mercy. Abhi apologises as he bursts out laughing and clapping… Hear the reporters teasing Harsh about Neil, and they’re furious!

Abhi exclaims, “Wow, what an act,” asking, “Are you okay, are you drunk?” as you apologise to my mother. Anand warns Abhi about ruining the fun. He claims Manjiri shivered when Harsh apologised since he had done so much harm. Anand advises against interfering in the relationship between a husband and his wife. Abhi replies, You have always reprimanded her, and now you’re sorry.

Akshu tells Abhi to stop hurting his mother. Because I know him so well, I can tell with confidence that he has no regrets about his empty apology. It’s not like that, says Harsh. Anand tells you to attempt to comprehend, since dragging this out is pointless. Abhi claims he would have apologised sooner if he had felt remorse. He says you don’t know anything, you couldn’t comprehend me, and this is only between Manjiri and me.

Abhi says no, it’s my mother’s problem, and this sorry is just to save your reputation; I know you well, but you don’t know me; you can’t hide the truth any longer; your truth will come out today; mum was helpless, so she kept quiet; we are no longer afraid of anyone; bad happened with Neil, not anymore; now we have no fear of anyone.

Abhi wishes Harsh had put his family first, and I agree. Akshu tells you to relax. The media is welcomed by Abhi. Journalists want to know whose son Neil is. According to Abhi, Neil is Harsh’s biological child.

Everyone is in a state of disbelief. In the words of Harsh, “it’s all over.” Reporter: Is he an adopted child? Tell us whether your mother was aware of this. Abhi’s yelling is enough; we won’t respond any more. Please respect our privacy. The door is locked. Anxieties that are out of control Manjiri’s gaze is fixed on him. Abhi is on his way out. There was a visit from Suwarna. “Akshu worries me,” he says to me.

She tells us that because relationships are so delicate, we can’t become irate. He promises to chastise them, but the truth always comes out, as it did in our case. I was holding out hope for Abhi, but I’m not sure what happened to him after that.

She confirms that if Abhi supports her, everything will be well. Abhi is snoozing off. When Akshu enters the room, he is welcomed by everyone. She slams into him as he tries to catch her. As soon as she gets her arms around him, she won’t let him go. Kitna pyaar karenge…


Abhi and Akshu chat. For Neil’s sake, Manjiri argues, we should have a yagna.

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