Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Abhi And Akshu’s Special Moments

Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

The episode begins with Abhi approaching Anisha. She apologises, “I didn’t see you.” He says it’s fine because I’m asking in general. She wonders why everyone misunderstands me. He responds, “No, it’s not like that; we can live our wishes, but we can’t make others run our wishes.” She claims that she proposed to him, that he did not respond, and that everyone is blaming her for not providing him with clarity.

He says that when you’re not here, the questions are asked of them; we need assurance that you won’t leave us and go again; I support your decision; just don’t change it; and did the chocolates run out? She claims that I want more. I’ll send it, he says. Mahima, Anand, and Parth take a look. Mahima claims she always ruins things. Anand inquires as to her whereabouts and the significance of marriage. Parth says she should have told us, but she’s in a hurry.

Akshu notices Abhira’s painting. She remembers Mahima’s words. Abhi appears and requests that she delete the stress. He claims that we have fewer opportunities to celebrate happiness; I don’t want to miss out on this opportunity; please tell me if you can assist me. She extinguishes the candle. It returns to life. They both laugh. Jaaniye…plays… He says our love is such that winds and storms can’t break it; it will end when our lives end; until then, no, never… Congratulations on your birthday.

He feeds the cupcake to her. They are having a romantic moment. Their painting is ruined. It’s early in the morning, and Abhi summons Akshu. She says I’ll be there. The curtain flies away. Akshu appears. According to Abhi, I was hurt in my eyes and heart. Akshu requests that he show his eyes. He hugs her and says, “You look stunning.” She thinks you’re brilliant. He calls this romance, and he wishes you a happy birthday once more. She expresses gratitude to him.

Kairav communicates with Anisha via video call. She says, “I have sent flowers and a sorry note, I genuinely love you, take your time and decide, I promise.” Kairav notices Dadi in the background. He promises to call you later. Dadi says she would have gone if you had told her, that she will not leave you until you say yes, that she has caused you a lot of trouble, and that she has returned to make you dance. He claims you have already reprimanded her severely. She apologises for reprimanding the princess. Suwarna tells her to relax.

Anisha is making a swiss roll for Akshu, which Abhi and Akshu notice. Anisha wishes Akshu a happy birthday and apologises for ruining his party. Akshu says, “Don’t think too hard about it; it looks delicious.” I know, Abhi says, did you only make one? Akshu invites Anisha to a bite. She says Dadi adores Kairav, so don’t be offended by her words. Abhi instructs Anisha to smile. They consume the swiss roll.

Aarohi claims she ignored you before proposing marriage to you; don’t marry that psycho. Suwarna requests that Kairav forget everything. Aarohi claims she is exploiting Kairav’s emotions. Manish says that we will respect your decision. Dadi asks, “Can you keep her here at one place, think, and answer if she runs away after marriage?” Abhi and Akshu have arrived. She inquires if you have seen your gifted gown. He says no, I’m seeing my wife, were you always beautiful or did you become more so after marriage? She inquires as to where she should drive now.

He directs her and says, “We’ll finish this work first, then plan.” She says, “I know work is a surprise for me.” He claims that I dislike anyone spying on me. He requests that she pull over to the side of the road. She claims you failed to send the reports to Dr. Kunal. He claims I did it. They are concerned because she says we will return home. He says, “I don’t want to squander any of your birthday; let us live for ourselves.” They visit the park. She notices Abhira written on the fence rocks surrounding a plant. He says these plants are a symbol of our love, that we will water and care for them, that you will make them listen to your music, and that you liked my gift. She asks, “How are we going to get it home?” He says no, we’ll come here to meet them, I’m thinking about what to get you, and we’ll keep coming back. They both express their feelings for one another. He claims that this will always require both of us, just as we need each other. They take care of the plants.

Abhi and Akshu are laying there. Rishta, you play… Mahima claims Anisha made a mistake. Anand claims that if you hadn’t paid attention to her during her growing years, our children would have settled. Mahima objects. Manjiri claims she did her job well. Anand claims that neither of our children is in a good position; look at Abhi and Parth, and you have also raised Neil well. Manjiri believes that every child is unique, that they have different values, and that they carve out their own space when the time comes. I can see that, he says. Shefali suggests that we start with Anisha.

Parth believes Kairav might agree, but Dadi will not. Manjiri tells Mahima not to worry; Kairav is sensible, he will handle everything, he will take care of Anisha well, just as Akshu does. According to Akshu, you’ll be busy after the surgery. Yes, Abhi says, I’ll be busy with surgeries once I finish. She claims that I’m making a bucket list. He says very little. She quips, “I’m talking about romantic getaways.” He says we should do something different because it’s not good to become a boring couple; write, we will fulfil all of your wishes, promise. He promises and ties a leaf to her finger. She also ties it and promises.

Everyone at home consumes the food. Anisha receives a phone call. She switches off. Shefali requests that she take the phone call. Anisha says, “It’s a cameo role in a show, and I’m not that desperate to take it.” Remember, you and others should not be hurt, says Abhi. Akshu notices Kairav and shouts. Everyone anticipates the arrival of Goenkass.

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