Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd June 2022 Written Update Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3 June 2022 Written Episode on

As Abhi introduces Sahil, he explains that Jagdish uncle, who heads an NGO, brought him here for music therapy. “I’m going to assist you,” he tells Akshu. “You can count on me.” Your friend Akshu says you’re welcome to join him whenever Sahil is free. Jagdish tells Abhi that Abhi’s wife is just as kind as you are. He claims he’s known Abhi since he was a youngster, and that he and his mother used to take him to the orphanage with his mother.

They’re off. You’ve been told by Akshu that you adopted a kid. Will you not introduce me to this youngster? Our Neil, said Abhi, the mystery is ended. She replies, “No, explain me when and why, how did this happen, children don’t share things, how did this happen.” “No,” she responds. While visiting an orphanage, Abhi claims to have seen Neil holding Abhi’s hand and weeping when Abhi let go of it.

When Abhi gripped Neil’s finger, Neil became silent and calmed down. Like Sirat and myself, she claims that certain relationships are intertwined. He claims that relationships only deepen through time, yet a single instant may make it happen, and everyone believes that Neil is my brother, my life.

Akshu describes you as his life. People tell Abhi he’s fortunate we adopted him; we’re glad he picked us; otherwise, how would you get a Devar like Laxman? Abhi replies I won’t leave his hand. She congratulates him and gives him a bear hug. Today, Neil tells me that I shouldn’t let Harsh get all up in my face about it.

Aarohi recommends that Harsh’s desk be stocked with reports. When Neil and Aarohi run into one other, they both tumble to the ground. They get into an argument. Neil requests that she take his documents with her. He’s off. When she sees the report, she is horrified.

Is Abhi going to be aware of this? She inquires. Abhi tells me that while we’re together, we may pray for a nice family for every kid. Aarohi tells me she can’t understand how Birla family secret would affect him. She shifts her gaze to Abhi. She leaves.

Abhi claims that Tough is a harsh person, and that my life is a struggle because of him. Akshu insists that I make a statement. He wants her to tell him. She promises that when you’re ready, she and I will sit down and chat.

She’s off. “I’ve lost all trust in relationships,” he adds. “I’ve been restless since the early hours of the morning. You’ve placed another issue on my mind.” Aarohi grins as she eats her cake. Why are you so delighted, Neil wonders, did you get into medical school?

He makes his way out. Reports and jokes about her are all she hears. Inquiring about the DNA test report file, Manjiri asks Rohan. Rohan predicts it will be on Harsh’s desk shortly. Was Swastik your own invention? Manjiri rejects this. To which Akshu agrees. To Neil’s dismay, Abhi stops him and tells him to stop running this way. Dr. Khurana, Neil claims that Harsh informed him about some task, but I can’t recall what it was.

Abhi refuses to phone the accountant, saying that he will. The guy inquires as to why Neil didn’t show up to pick up the penalty letter. Abhi says everything is OK. Neil extends his gratitude and embraces Abhi. Make yourself at ease; I’ll be right here to help. Neil claims I’m pressed for time. He makes his way out.

Abhi claims that Harsh is making Neil anxious. When he sees Akshu, he grabs her by the arms and cradles her close. He then leads her to the warehouse’s storage area for a little of time. Abhi falls in love with her. Innocent and nice, she says I am. ‘You took my heart,’ he tells me.’ Then he kisses her. jaaniye….plays…. He argues that we can’t create a single moment in such a setting. You don’t get it, she argues, that a location doesn’t create moments. She’s off. Because he claims she’s so… and because I’m such… Donkey.

She smiles as she leaves the house. Aarohi claims I haven’t told her anything till now. Akshu inquires as to your mystery. He has an illegitimate baby, Aarohi claims. Akshu is perplexed. Akshu tells him to shut up and stop talking such crap. Aarohi inquires about the 98 percent match between Harsh’s findings and Manjiri’s, but Aarohi isn’t convinced. How can I help you? Neil, according to Aarohi. Akshu is always on the go, wallowing in self-pity and anxiety. Abhi is occupied in the OT.

He loses his bearings and wanders off into the distance. He believes I’ll see Akshu after the procedure. Akshu is of the opinion that Maa… Abhi wonders why I’m feeling this way, but I’m not sure. Akshu explains what transpired to Manjiri. “I got to know the secret which you were concealing,” Akshu sobs as he tells the story. To whatever secret does Manjiri wonder? Akshu claims that the results of the DNA test are confidential. Manjiri’s heart races. Poppers have been blown up.

Everyone can see them. This is Manjiri’s desire, and I ask you to keep it that way. Aarohi’s grin spreads over her face. Everybody is greeted by Anand as they arrive at the founders day event. Everyone applauds. Harsh will give us an update on the status of the project and Abhi and his team will be joining us shortly, according to Anand. In the media, Shefali is working. When Neil arrives, he inquires as to whether or not he has forgotten anything. Akshu sheds a tear as he sees him. Manjiri sheds a tear or two.

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