Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st May 2022 Written Update Episode

Akshu Plans A Dinner Date

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st May 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31 May 2022 Written Episode on

Manjiri begins the episode worrying a lot. Akshu goes to Abhi’s aid. He claims it’s OK and that he’ll take care of it. Servant arrives. Abhi instructs him to retain the mop while he goes to grab the wiper. Patients and employees, according to Manjiri, are also there to get samples. We’re gathering data to check, says Abhi, and Parth, Nishta, and I all have the same genes.

We don’t know about Neil, but if there’s an issue, the database can assist. When you and Parth hear about the genes, Manjiri wonders why you and Parth are still here. Don’t worry, Abhi replies, it’s a basic test that doesn’t even need blood. He leaves. When Akshu meets Manjiri, he inquires as to why she is concerned. Manjiri informs me that I must visit the shrine and get the prasad. She is asked to take the puja dish by Akshu. Manjiri walks outside and sobs as she remembers Neil. She apologises to God, saying that she has lied and that only you could have rescued her; the truth is buried, and if the truth is revealed, my family would be shattered. She walks away.

Mrs. Chauhan, according to Dadi, has a good alliance for Aarohi. Yes, Suwarna says. You should have asked Aarohi, according to Kairav. Aarohi appears and declares, “I have found someone on my level.”

Aarohi disagrees with them and departs. Akshu looks over the adoption paperwork. She claims Manjiri was agitated; Neil and Abhi aren’t children; is there anything to do with Neil’s adoption; and why was she unwilling to accept Abhi. Abhi inquires as to what this has to do with you. She claims that I may have received this by accident, that it is Neil’s adoption papers, and that Golu is written on them.

Abhi says that Manjiri will name her later, and that we should talk about something else. Aarohi is asked to wait by Kairav. She claims that although Akshu isn’t a doctor, she married a surgeon and that they are seeking for a jeweller or businessman. She claims that she can generate money for herself and that she deserves the best. Rest certain, he continues, you’ll receive the finest, and it won’t be against your wishes.

Abhi and Akshu had a disagreement about the trust hospital. She claims that the issue is your rage. He claims that I know how to manage people. That wasn’t your hospital or personnel, she claims. She makes him coffee and explains everything to him. She claims that we can work out regulations at home, not in the hospital. He responds, “I know, it was important to demonstrate them that they had made a mistake.” She adds, “You are fire, and I am water, and water is also powerful,” so I can manage them. “I love you a lot,” she says, “and if I need you, I will come racing to you.” “You also think of me,” she says, “and if I need you, I will tell you.” She wraps her arms around him.

Manjiri is frightened while sleeping. Harsh jolts her out of her stupor. He inquires as to why you are jerking and whether you have seen any scary movies before bed. No, it was a nasty dream, she replies, sorry, you sleep, I’ll get some water and come. She goes to get a sip of water. Akshu is attempting to slip the saree into his pants. Abhi enters with a smirk on his face. He clings to her. Jaaniye….plays… She claims you performed puja and then arrived. Yes, he replies, love is a puja as well. He relates the story of Mahadev. I’m Mahadev’s follower, he continues, and I’m also lost in love. Let me get ready, she says. He comforts her and assists her. He knots her blouse’s back string. Nigaahon….plays…

They have a brief window of opportunity. Will you take me out for supper tonight, she asks? Come now, he says. Now she inquires. He inquires as to the nature of the issue. We have work today, she adds, so we’ll go at night. She leaves.

The guy tells Akshu that he must be on time and that everyone must follow the rules. Sure, she says. She overhears the doctor stating that the therapy department needs a doctor. Abhi claims that I was late for surgery again again, and that Akshu would be waiting. When he arrives at his cabin, he notices the decorations. When he sees Akshu, he grins.

Harsh wonders what Manjiri will do there. Abhi claims that Birla hospital was built on Manjiri’s father’s property, that she is my land, and that she will arrive. He gives the names of the physicians. Avni Rathod, he says. Harsh and Manjiri are watching.

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