Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Akshu begs God to help him discover Kunal Khera

Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

Abhi begins the episode by commenting, “It’s excellent, Akshu departed, we can prepare the surprise carefully.” Manjiri agrees. Parth requests that he contact Kairav and Vansh. I’ll contact them if Abhi says they want to come. Akshu departs. Aarohi questions why she was so anxious to see Guru ji and why she took the medical paperwork; something is amiss.

She is following Akshu. She adds that no matter which direction she goes, she will not meet Guru ji. Akshu begs God to help him discover Kunal Khera. Aarohi asks how I can possibly miss her. Kairav assists Abhi in making the cake. Neil claims that we are all baking the cake. Manjiri insists that we cut the cake today. Neil claims this is your 27th time stating it. Abhi can sing and dance. Parth suggests that we concentrate on the cake. Neil cracks a joke. Abhi also cracks jokes.

Vansh inquires, “Who did this, you ruined the cake?” Kairav claims Abhi created this heart. Vansh claims you’re a heart expert, but it doesn’t imply you can manufacture a heart anyplace, since guitars don’t have hearts. Let me concentrate on the frosting, says Abhi. His hand trembles. He claims that I am incapable of doing even this. Kairav says you accomplished a lot, yet your hand didn’t tremble.

Abhi speculates that the hand may have become fatigued. Yes, Kairav adds, don’t concentrate on what you couldn’t achieve; you did a lot, remember that. Abhi says I’ll be cautious. Vansh claims that the doctor’s handwriting is poor; Akshu married you knowing this, so she won’t be unhappy about the cake. Abhi wishes Akshu a happy birthday. Neil and Vansh agree that it’s not horrible at all. They both chuckle.

Aarohi claims she doesn’t know where she went. Akshu thinks about Abhi. She makes a prayer to Kanha ji. Abhi says it’s finished. Kairav expresses gratitude to Abhi for her unconditional love for his sister. You’re making Abhi emotional, he says. Kairav inquires about Anisha’s arrival. He continues, “You know how sisters are, she gets angry if I don’t call, and when she’s busy when I call, didn’t you speak to her?” Kairav claims I spoke to her; I just inquired. Akshu arrives in the Dargah. The guy says the Dargah is currently closed and you cannot enter; it will reopen at 8 p.m. She claims she has heard of others visiting throughout the day.

She inquires about Kunal. He confirms that he is a doctor and that he comes here every year on this day. She inquires if he arrived in the morning. He replies no, that he only comes at night. She expresses gratitude to God. She says I need to persuade Dr. Kunal Khera to do Abhi’s operation. Aarohi watches on and says, “Oh, she has come to see Kunal, the miracle doctor for Abhi’s hand, no Akshu, whatever it takes.” Akshu declares, “I will do whatever it takes.”

It’s late at night, The dargah swings open. Akshu enters. When will you return, Akshu receives Abhi’s message? Soon, she responds. Maula maule…entertains…. Aarohi observes. Abhi prepares and packs a present. Kunal is requested by Akshu. The guy said Kunal never missed this day since it was baba’s request. He leaves. She prays while tying a mannat thread. Aarohi cuts the thread. Abhi is learning to play the guitar. He claims it’s not going to happen, and I’m not sure what to do. Vansh says we’ll hide when Akshu arrives since it’s a vast home.

Manjiri says we’ll prepare till she arrives. Kairav promises that we will decorate properly. Manish requests Abhi. Kairav claims to have gone to his room to rest. Manish inquires as to how he is doing now. She admits there is a little issue, but he has strengthened his heart, forgetting his grief and finding satisfaction in Akshu’s gladness. Neil and Manjiri inquire about Aarohi’s well-being. No, replies Akhilesh. Suwarna believes that we should be grateful that Abhi forgot about his condition and accomplished so much for Akshu. Manish claims to be rational. Kairav says I’ll contact Akshu. Akshu suggests calling Aarohi as well. Kairav answers the phone.

Neil should go meet Abhi, according to Shefali. Parth claims to be practising singing and working hard. Akshu receives Kairav’s message and wonders why he is phoning at this hour. Aarohi receives a message as well, asking where she is. Akshu and Aarohi apologise to him. Anand says we should go, and Abhi has planned a party for Akshu. I know, Rohan adds, Abhi instructed me to deliver sweets to the employees. Harsh puts money in an envelope for Akshu. He continues, “Give this to Akshu, tell her it’s from my side, and she may purchase anything she wants.” Sure, Anand responds, I’ll tell her what you gave her as a blessing. Harsh expresses gratitude. They both grin.

Abhi advises that if I can’t celebrate Akshu’s birthday properly, don’t think too hard about it; I have to do it. He makes his way downstairs. Manish informs me that he heard you worked hard for Akshu. Abhi adds, “I worked hard, and now I’m hoping for the best.” Parth claims Abhi has put in a lot of effort. Abhi dials Akshu’s number. She responds. She apologises for being unable to accept your video call due to a bad network connection. Yes, he asks, are you at any dargah?

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