Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Abhi Plans A Surprise For Akshu’s Birthday

Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

Abhi begins the episode by knocking on the door. Students rise to their feet. Abhi takes a look at them. He adds, “Sit down, first rule of the medical industry is that our emphasis should be only on the patient, not on our own lives; we must disregard everything and concentrate only of rescuing the patient.” He’s in charge of the class. Harsh and Akshu are watching. Abhi bids the students farewell and departs. Akshu enters the classroom.

She becomes enraged with the pupils. She says you don’t need to know who I am, I understand what you are, a good heart is required to become a good doctor, you can treat the blockage in arteries, but what will you do if the blockage is in your mind? Abhi is professional, so he educated you after hearing all of this, it’s easy to make fun, but it’s difficult to reach that level, do that and show, and we will understand whatever you say. She walks away.

She claims Abhi is already concerned, and now this… Harsh observes. Akshu notices a father requesting that Abhi cure his kid. He claims I am an expert in unani medicine, yet I am unable to do the procedure. Abhi inquires whether you have any treatment for nerve injury, since the nerve in my hand has been injured. Akshu asks, “I realise you’re feeling powerless, but why are you asking someone this way?” She considers researching Dr. Kunal Khera. She claims that Kunal Khera is known as Dr. Miracle, and she promises that she will locate you for her Abhi.

Abhi and Akshu have a tender moment. Rabba ne tujhko banane me…. She vanishes. He takes a glance around and says Akshu…. He awakens from his sleep. He notices Akshu sleeping behind him. He claims that I had a strange dream and was afraid, and that I can’t stand it if you leave me. Kesariya…plays…. It’s early in the morning, and Akshu is looking for Kunal Khera. Abhi summons everyone. He claims we are forgetting something, yet I recall the incident. Parth inquires as to the occasion. Abhi says Akshu’s birthday is tomorrow, so I planned a 24-hour celebration. Neil promises a grand celebration. According to Abhi, I was saying….

He explains his intentions. Manjiri beams. Akshu claims that all he wants to know about Kunal Khera is some information. She receives a message that states, “It’s my birthday; I make all my wishes for Abhi’s hand healing; I hope I could find out more about Kunal.” Abhi demonstrates the concept. He inquires whether everything is clear. Everyone agrees. Manjiri inquires as to how we would order the cake. Abhi believes I will succeed. Parth says we’ll get it. Neil claims that Abhi has made a promise. Abhi adds, “I want to do something so that Akshu’s life and family are happy; this should be the finest birthday of her life.” Dr. Kunal Khera visits the Dargah every year on this day, according to Akshu. She claims that implies he’ll be there today.

Abhi says it’s a surprise for Akshu; we’ll invite her family, and Akshu will be delighted; I’d want your assistance in planning a unique birthday present. Akshu insists that I go meet Kunal. Kairav receives a call from Abhi. He inquires as to what, how, and when… What were you saying, according to Manish, in a code language? Kairav mentions Akshu’s birthday, which Abhi has meticulously arranged. Yes, adds Suwarna, Abhi would have prepared something. Vansh inquires about the concept. Kairav informs them. He wonders what occurred and why the plan was so horrible. Akhilesh thinks it’s much too wonderful. Manish expresses his delight at learning that Abhi is organising a surprise for Akshu; Akshu is fortunate to have Abhi. Aarohi observes. Dadi says sure, but we should also make plans. Kairav says he wants to grant Akshu’s request.

Kairav adds, “Akshu said that she wants to study music and teach singing to children.” I assumed that, just as Naira used to teach dancing to children at the academy, Akshu might teach children at any NGO. Manish adds, “You thought well, and I’m proud of you.” Aarohi believes Abhi has something huge planned for Akshu and that it would be fun to ruin it. Akshu hopes to see Dr. Kunal Khera.

Abhi adds, “I’m not sure whether it will happen or not, but I have to do this.” Parth says we’ll learn a few sentences, and your message will be relayed to Akshu. Abhi suggests that I learn a song for Akshu. Parth teaches him how to play the guitar. Abhi is experiencing discomfort in his hand. Manjiri and Parth are concerned. Manjiri sprays Abhi’s hand with pain reliever. Parth inquires as to how you intend to play at that moment. Abhi thinks love has a lot of power, therefore I’ll do it. Manjiri suggests that you start by singing. You’re asking me to sing because Abhi claims I sing so badly. No, she replies, you really don’t sing well. Akshu notices the sound of the guitar.

She goes to investigate. She inquires whether Parth is playing the guitar. No, say Parth and Abhi. Manjiri speculates that the sound may have originated elsewhere. Parth, according to Abhi, stated as a youngster that he couldn’t study music even if he wanted to. Akshu adds, “I’m heading out to visit my music instructor; Guru ji came today and is going to Mumbai for a week; he’s a fantastic teacher.” Manjiri inquires as to why today. Abhi says he would drop you if he can guide you. She says I’ll go by myself. Okay, he says. He believes I need to practise.

He adds to contact him if you need anything and to send my compliments to Guru ji. She apologises for lying, but she would do everything for you. She walks away. Aarohi shows up. You’re here, according to Akshu. Aarohi inquires, “Can’t I surprise you?” and “What are you hiding?” Akshu remains silent. Aarohi inquires whether you have any plans. Yes, Akshu says, I’m going to meet with Sandeep Guru ji. Suwarna, according to Aarohi, has sent kachoris for you all. Akshu responds, “Give it inside; I have to go.” She walks away, hoping to encounter Kunal Khera.

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