Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Shashi conduct physiotherapy here?

Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

The episode begins with Akshu practising. Abhi appears and grins. He wonders how anybody can love you, Akshu. He approaches her and tells her, “Good girl, work hard to realise my ambitions.” Okay, excellent boy, I love you, Abhi, she says. Jaaniye…plays… He adds, “I love you too, Akshu, you didn’t sleep all night, how do I know, I’ll feel sick if you remain up.” He tells her not to be concerned. He leaves. She says my practise is closed, and it is now up to Tapasya to locate you a doctor. Abhi goes and asks someone to tell him Akshu’s name.

Akshu inquires, “Where did Abhi contact me?” and “Does Dr. Shashi conduct physiotherapy here?” She opens the door to observe the audition taking place. Abhi appears and wishes you luck for your audition; you denied me before, but you can’t refuse now; come.

Akshu notices the presence of family members. He says we have to work hard for our ambitions, so go now and pursue them; I vow to look after myself. Akshu is summoned to the stage. Akshu takes the stage. Parth invites Shefali to spend some time listening to music. She claims, “I’m not a music lover, I’m not free, why are you feeling awful now?”

He doesn’t say anything. According to Manjiri, Akshu and Abhi put each other first and respect each other; this is marriage, therefore treat each other as equals and consider each other’s pleasure. Parth and Shefali are aware of her. Abhi tells Akshu not to be afraid since he is beside her. Akshu gives a nod. She receives a phone call and believes it is from Dr. Khera. The guy requests that she set the phone aside. She apologises and responds. She puts the phone down. Everyone applauds her.

Akshu sings Do Lafzon ki while playing music. Everyone, even Abhi, is happy. Abhi fantasises about Akshu and his passionate dance scene from Main agar kahoon…. They give up their best for one other and embrace deeply. The dream is over. Everyone applauds Akshu. According to Abhi and Kairav, you sung really well and will win. Aarohi receives a phone call. She walks outside to chat to someone. She speaks out and makes the other contenders hear her.

She claims Akshara obtained a backdoor entrance, that she is famous, that she is a Birla family bahu, that she would win, that they have a lot of money, that they can buy anything, and that such contests aren’t legitimate. Abhi says you sung so beautifully, thank you for listening to me, I thought you were going to smash me with your guitar. I thought so, she replies. She receives a message.

He claims I was envious because you got a call, and I wondered who the important person was for whom you held my dreams on hold, and whose call you were waiting for. She is summoned to the results. The woman declares Akshu the round’s winner. The competitors allege that Akshu won via deception. Akshu and Abhi are concerned.

Abhi adds, “Please stop this foolishness; my wife got this audition due of her skill.” Aarohi beams. Abhi begs them to leave. Abhi’s hand is pushed by the guy. Abhi is injured. The guy makes a joke about him. Akshu chastises him. She instructs them to go to the judges and inquire.

Aarohi says I’ve accomplished something, Abhi’s hand and ego have been damaged, and Akshu’s heart has been broken, amazing. At the audition event, Anand and Mahima learn about the drama. When the family returns home, they get the dreadful news regarding Abhi and Akshu. Mahima wonders what all of this is about, Abhi. Akshu claims he did nothing wrong. Mahima questions if fighting was required.

Abhi says it was vital for me to stand up for my wife’s dignity, but I couldn’t; Akshu prevailed, and everything was ruined because of me. Don’t say that, says Akshu. Abhi departs. She thinks to herself, “I’m sorry I couldn’t locate Dr. Khera, but I will find him.” Anand urges her to look after Abhi since he needs to go to the hospital tomorrow. Akshu leaves. Abhi and Akshu arrive at the hospital in the morning. According to Abhi, I don’t agree with the theories. According to Akshu, I believed it would be useful. Okay, Abhi replies, I’ll try.

She grins and believes he is attempting to remain strong, but some people are blind to this. Rohan greets you and inquires how you are. Abhi replies, “I’m fantastic now that I see your grin.” Rohan adds, “I missed you terribly; it’s no joy working without you.” Abhi expresses gratitude to him. Abhi, according to Akshu, will be back in action shortly. Abhi attends the lesson. Students mock him after seeing his video. Akshu and Harsh are watching. The guy claims, “I believe Abhi is losing his mind; he is coming to educate us, but his mental health is in jeopardy.” Abhi is aware of everything.

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