Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th July 2022 Written Update Episode

She promises that she will not compromise her practise

Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

Abhi begins the episode by declaring, “I will not listen to you.” Keep your attitude to yourself, try to understand, who said I’m making a sacrifice, I’ve adjusted my priority list, I’ve simply kept the dreams alive away, we should concentrate on your health first, a surgeon’s hand is like the Lord’s hand. He claims that a singer’s voice is the Lord’s blessing. She promises that she will not compromise her practise, that she will study new singing styles, that she will cook kada for her and that she will keep warm water for her gargle. He embraces her. Jaaniye…plays…. She tells him to forget about it.

Dadi says we’ll do a grah shanti puja since so many things occurred, Abhi was harmed, and Aarohi’s alliance fell apart. Manish claims that Kairav and Vansh’s alliance discussions are also on hold. Suwarna suggests that we approach Kairav to speak with Anisha. Kairav arrives. She inquires whether you spoke with Anisha. Manish claims that we are not attempting to pressurise you; there is an age for marriage, and you should marry. Kairav claims that I am unsure about Anisha and my relationship. He leaves. Akhilesh wonders what this is. Manish says he, too, seemed perplexed.

Manjiri inquires, “Did you consult with the doctor?” Abhi should be alright. We understand, adds Mahima, since we are also parents. Anand adds, “I discovered a doctor with a 100% success record, he’s named Dr. Miracle, I read an article about him, he’s highly clever, Dr. Kunal Khera.” According to Abhi, I also heard his name. Manjiri inquires as to when we may meet with him. Anand claims I didn’t speak with him since he doesn’t conduct procedures. Abhi wonders whether he should do it now or later. Anand claims, “I think forever.” Abhi is concerned.

Akshu inquires whether he may just accept one case. Anand claims there is no hope; maybe he has a personal motive. We don’t know why, according to Mahima. According to Akshu, sometimes a little thing may become a significant cause, and Abhi’s treatment might be one of them. Anand believes there should be compelling reasons to reconsider his choice. We can’t leave hope, adds Akshu, so schedule a meeting. Abhi says it’s ok, thank you. He leaves. Anand promises that we will find a solution. Mahima inquires about the second doctor. Let us hope for positive news, adds Anand. Mahima claims Abhi injured himself while rescuing Akshu. Akshu requests that Anand find out when they may meet with the doctor.

Abhi is clutching a happy ball. Akshu appears. She requests that he catch a ball. She continues, “I have wonderful news, Anand has summoned a well-known surgeon, and he is coming here right now.” He inquires as to when he will arrive, whether next week, tomorrow, or today. Today, by 9 p.m., she says.

The doctor goes through Abhi’s reports. Abhi says I’ll answer you something, and it’ll be easier for me to grasp if you respond in percentages. Sure, replies the doctor. Abhi inquires about the extent of my nerve injury. 70%, according to the doctor. Everyone is watching. Abhi inquires about his recovery prospects. Honestly, the doctor says 40%. Abhi grips the ball firmly. He adds, and… Is surgery risky? According to accounts, the doctor says 90 percent. Everyone is taken aback. Abhi wonders what if things goes wrong, what are the possibilities that my hands would be permanently damaged… Doctor says 95% or higher. Abhi sobs and drops the cheerful ball. Everyone, even Manjiri, is in tears. Abhi stands up and thanks the doctor.

Manjiri embraces him. He enters his room. He attempts to write. Kyu…plays…. Akshu approaches and glances at him. He sobs as he shreds the paper. Akshu departs. She remembers everything. She enters the ballroom. She believes I will discover Dr. Kunal Khera; the world shrinks in front of a tremendous hope. Kairav remembers what Manish and Suwarna said. He dials Anisha’s number. He leaves a message.

He replies, “Give me some clarity, do you want to maintain the relationship or not?” My family and I are both concerned. He looks around and sees Manish and Suwarna. Abhi and Akshu are sleeping. Akshu looks at her phone. She looks for Dr. Kunal Khera. She believes there is no information on the internet. She wonders, “How will I locate him?” She resolves, “I will not give up hope, I will discover something tomorrow.”

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