Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th May 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26 May 2022 Written Episode on

The episode begins with Abby saying I will not leave you, you have just recovered from the fever, I will come, I have a week off. She is sitting in the front seat. He asks her to fix the seat belt. “I’m a responsible doctor,” he says. “I’ve already taken updates on my patients.” Caro asks, my marriage? Manish says yes, you want to be celibate, your marriage was to take place after Akshay’s marriage. “Everyone is asking us about your marriage,” says Sorna. Grandmother says Guruji said that your future is really good.

Manish asked should we talk to Anisha? Caro says she’s not answering my calls. Manish asks if the relationship ends like this? Sorna says give us some explanation. Caro says I’m just as ignorant as you, then there’s Aarohi’s number, I’ll marry her when she’s married. he goes.

Akshu says the place is far away. Abby says okay, don’t worry, if there was any important work I wouldn’t come, like I left you on the first day of marriage, I need it here, I’ll take another opinion, I get upset. Because accidents happen, precaution is better than cure, safety is better than forgiveness, I will protect you. She smiles.

Neil Berla comes to the hospital. He says Harsh didn’t ask me what I wanted to be, whether I wanted to work here or not, he gave me boring work, what should I do with these papers. He collides with the climber.

Her nose hurts. Arohi and Neil argue. She carries it. He says you broke my nose. She asks the nurse to get some ice. “I have a sore nose,” says Neil. She packs ice packs. He shouts She tells him to wait.

Abby says you are wondering how I am doing such a thing, I am just informing you, explaining. Akshay sees it. Manish asks if we will ever find peace. Daddy says never, parents’ worries never end. Sorna says you are right. Akshu says wow. Abby says, “Oh no, where is this place?” “We knew it was a charitable trust,” she says. Abby looked at the crowd. Arohi asked, “Are you feeling better?” Neil says yes. Aarohi asked what are you doing here? Neil says his uncle orders, I have to work here.

He has heard Rohan talking about Rudra’s driver that he is coming to get reports. She wonders when Ruder came, she didn’t reply to my message, why? Abby says there is chaos. “There are a lot of people here,” she says. He says I have worked in government dispensaries in such places before, I have a problem with their behavior, they are saying as if they are doing someone a favor.

She is right but let me go now. He says there is no need to work here. She says I want to work here, maybe their attitude will change, you said you will always support me. He says he understands. She says thank you, you want everything perfect for me, I will manage here too, let me try, I want to see if I can really do something, how I will gain experience, please let me try Give “I don’t doubt your ability, but you can’t handle people here,” he says. “I have handled a more difficult situation, trust me,” she says.

Aarohi remembered Rudra’s words. She calls him She says how can anyone ignore my message and call. Akshu says wish me luck. Abby wanted it. She smiles and waves when she sees him. He worries Harsh and Anand talk about now. Harsh says that Abi has gone for an interview with Akshu. Akshu has also got a bodyguard and secretary. Aarohi called Rudra from the hospital line and asked why you were ignoring my calls. He says sorry don’t call me. She asks the reason.

He says I have been told not to talk to you. She asks who told you? “Dr. Abhimanyu has warned me why I would take the risk,” he says. She asks, “What did Abby tell you?” Rudra remembered Abi’s words. He lies to the climber. He says I just said we want to hire you, he goes crazy and says he won’t give you a job certificate. The climber gets angry. Ruder says you are a good doctor, Abby will not let you work outside of Berla Hospital, I feel very bad for you. Abby comes to the hospital. Urva saw him. Ruder asked, “What’s the matter with you? Anyway, goodbye. I won’t see you again.”

Abi texted Akshay and asked if the interview was over. Akshu answers no. “If you don’t like the place, don’t agree,” he writes. She smiles. She sees the children fighting and goes to help. Abby wrote the instructions. Neil asked her to write well. He says they will kick me out. Abby writes in fine handwriting. Neil smiled and read; Best for your first day, prove yourself and make me proud. Akshay talks to a child and tries to allay his fears. She sings a little rain. The boy smiles. The children come and dance with Akshu.

Are Everyone applauds. Akshu tells the boy not to be afraid again. The doctor looks and smiles.

Precap: Abby dropped the offer. Akshu says that you love me very much, there will be very few couples in the world like us, now which notice will you choose?