Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Awasthi on the next procedures

Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

The episode begins with Akshu announcing that Abhi’s online session is coming to an end. She remarks, “Wow, this chocolate fragrance is emanating from our chamber.” She goes to ask Abhi what’s going on. He expresses his amazement. She approaches him. He claims you had broccoli, while I had the Lauki dish for the first time.

She apologises, but what is the connection? He adds that if the situation calls for it, we would create chocolates. Anand believes that we made a mistake. Harsh says it’s OK; he’ll manage everything. Anand said we’ll work with Dr. Awasthi on the next procedures. Harsh confirms that I will speak with him tomorrow.

The chocolates are made by Abhi and Akshu. Shamma ko jaise….plays…. Anand inquires if you will complete all of the tasks today. Harsh says I’ll work, that I’ve gotten a lot of rest, and that this hospital doesn’t appear like a hospital without Abhi. Anand responds, “Yes, father is always a father,” adding, “I too feel apprehensive without Abhi, but I feel confidence when he is here; he is bright and trustworthy, and patients and younger physicians are at ease with him.” Harsh returns, saying, “I want his hand to heal.” Anand insists that he cannot give up on him and that we must locate the greatest doctor for him.

Yes, says Harsh, we want someone who inspires us. Anand adds, “I’m glad Akshu is with Abhi; she increases his spirit, and I’m shocked and amazed by her bravery.” It’s morning, and Abhi is thinking back on what occurred. He expresses regret to Mahadev. Akshu appears. She just begs him to come. They leave.

Abhi inquires of Baba? Dadi responds, “Yes, I have summoned him to ward off the evil sight and black magic; I know you don’t believe me, but the fire and accident were caused by someone’s terrible sight; you did puja, thus you were rescued.” Baba arrives. Dadi invites him to come. Baba takes Abhi’s hand in his and asks him to do Bholenath’s puja. He claims that if you concentrate your restless heart on Mahadev’s puja, you will be blessed. Om is chanted by Abhi.

Manjiri beams. Abhi claims that I have a direct link with Mahadev, that I don’t question his actions, and that everything occurs is predestined. Thank you for being here, but my commitment to Mahadev is entirely my own. Baba responds, “Great, if any devotee is on the correct road, we aren’t required, we will depart, and Bholenath will bless you.” He walks away. Dadi becomes terrified. Abhi chuckles. Everyone bursts out laughing. Dadi begins to weep.

He inquires as to what transpired and if you were offended by my statements. She declines. He says you’re all with me, which is wonderful since you keep my terrible vision at bay. This is what Akshu says. Dadi also protects against poor vision. Now he says, “Smile.” He embraces Dadi. Family, according to Akshu, cannot be a better well-wisher.

Kairav claims that we were all tense. Abhi responds, “I’m a doctor, I believe in medical technology, my hand will heal,” and that we should concentrate on Akshu, who made a fresh start with that audition. Akshu receives a phone call from the hospital. Abhi invites her to accompany him since the patient needs her assistance. He cracks a joke. She adds, “I’m doing this for me,” and that once you’re well, you’ll return to your first love. Kairav predicts that this brief period will end shortly. She walks away. Aarohi believes that even this loser is receiving business calls, and I….

Akshu is the musician. The patients applaud her. Work, according to Akshu, is the only place where you may find happiness. Abhi sits and practises his hand motions while playing a fish game. Akshu overhears the physicians discussing Abhi. She comes to a halt in front of Rohan and explains her idea.

Rohan sends the meeting link to Abhi and requests that he attend since it is urgent. He phones Abhi and seeks his opinion on the procedure. Abhi adds, “I don’t get bothered,” so let’s get down to work.

Abhi explains them to you. Akshu and Manjiri are watching. Akshu adds that you will be performing this labour again very soon, that I will make any sacrifice and face any obstacle, and that no one can love you. Akshu puts the vehicle in park. The present boxes tumble. She selects the presents. She explains, “I’m not sure what he’s doing, but I’m sure he enjoyed the online counselling session.” Kairav phones her and asks, “Did you get home? Tell me the truth, why aren’t you giving the auditions?” She claims she doesn’t want to focus about her job till Abhi is well.

He adds, “We’re all behind you; don’t give up.” She says it’s OK, Abhi will give me confidence, and we won’t argue over whether Abhi needs me or not. Please reconsider, says Kairav. She claims that his hand should heal first. He thinks you may come to regret this sacrifice later. She argues that if that is the case, then it is not pure love, but my love for Abhi is. She hangs up the phone and turns around. She notices Abhi.

Abhi enters the kitchen to speak with her. He wonders how you can accomplish this and why you did it. She says, “I’m worried about my dream; I want to see you saving lives; go now, I’m cooking kada.” He ladles water into the pan. He claims you have ruined my dreams, and I should be more upset; I will go insane when it comes to my Akshu, and I will not listen to you. He is stopped by her.

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