Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Anand tells Harsh that his cabin and chair

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th July 2022 Written Update. 25 July 2022 Written Episode on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

The episode begins with Abhi apologising for telling so many lies. Akshu says a lot, but it’s all true. She kisses him and remarks, “Ouch, your beard…” He claims I did not trim. She invites him to join her. She receives a call from the manager. She refuses to accept it. She shaves Abhi’s beard. She chuckles as she licks his cheek. He grips her, feeling the anguish in his hand. She becomes depressed.

On the landline, there are harsh calls. Manjiri answers the phone. He inquires if Abhi slept well at night and whether he is in good health. She agrees. He says to take care of him, and I didn’t want to bother you, so I contacted the landline to speak with staff. She claims that she is not bothered, that husband and wife may divorce, but not parents, that you have a right to this home, family, and kid, and that you are welcome to see them at any time.

He thanks her and assures her that Abhi will be OK. She claims that she has faith in Kanha ji. He claims that he believes in medical science and that he will locate the proper doctor. She claims I began praying as well. Akshu inquires about Anand’s home treatments. Anand says you may try, but we can’t say anything too fast since surgery is hazardous, and we achieve results quickly with willpower. He leaves. Akshu says a prayer. Harsh arrives at the hospital and compliments Abhi for resuming his work.

Anand hands Harsh the bouquet and gladly welcomes him back. Harsh is welcomed by Mahima, Neil, and the rest of the employees. Anand tells Harsh that his cabin and chair are ready for him. Harsh returns to his cabin. He settles into his chair. He thinks to himself, “Thank you, Abhi; I was missing this hospital more than my family.” Neil takes his picture. He sends it to Abhi. Abhi says everything is OK; Harsh and Anand will manage the hospital, while I will handle my hand. Harsh believes Abhi should manage his hand since all of the hospital strain is mine.

Abhi is bored. Akshu receives kada and informs her that her mother has sent this. She feeds him and tells him that his physiotherapy will begin today. Anand is visited by Harsh. He notices Anand eating and says, “I’ll come later, I’ll have dinner at the canteen.” Anand invites him to come and enjoy them, as well as the house meal. Harsh has arrived. Neil brings him the dinner. Harsh consumes the meal. Akshu claims that I have retained everything.

Abhi motions for her to take a seat. She says your physiotherapist is on her way, that you will grasp her hands, and that you will make me envious. He said it may possibly be an older woman. She claims Neil messaged her that Shashi is a bright young therapist. Shashi approaches and welcomes. Shashi, says Abhi with a grin. Akshu beams. Abhi raises his hand. Aarohi approaches and welcomes them. She apologises, saying, “I came without warning you, I had some work with Abhi, I can wait, it’s alright.” Shashi is greeted by her. According to Akshu, you are acquainted. Yes, Aarohi responds, I’ll come later from college.

Wait, said Akshu, you can ask Abhi. Aarohi says she wants to know which institutions she should apply to for future study. Shashi is humming a melody. Shashi, she claims, sings beautifully, and Akshu is also a vocalist. Shashi inquires as to what you sing. Akshu recommends soft music and you. He says anything, I have no official training, and who is your favourite singer. Kumar Sanu, she says. He claims I like him as well. They start conversing. Abhi becomes envious. Aarohi beams. She thinks it’s so lovely when you meet someone whose interests you share that work doesn’t seem like job. Akshu trips and falls. Abhi and Shashi rush to her side.

Shashi takes her hand in his. Abhi observes. Shashi, Aarohi thanks you for saving Akshu. Abhi inquires whether you are okay. Yes, says Akshu. Abhi expresses gratitude for rescuing Akshu. Shashi says it’s OK. Abhi appreciates you for chatting to her about music; everyone else here just speaks about surgery. Aarohi wonders what occurred today to make him so joyful. Akshu receives a note about her auditions. Aarohi is guided by Abhi. He notices the post and inquires about the auditions with Akshu. She promises it won’t happen again, but we’ll see.

Abhi dislikes the Lauki dish. Everyone praises Abhi’s decision. You ask me to eat healthily, says Akshu. Abhi claims that I eat healthily except for this Lauki meal. Manjiri insists that you eat it since Akshu prepared it. Abhi cracks a joke. Neil and Parth sing and joke. Akshu chuckles. She serves it to Abhi and invites him to try.

He thinks it’s wonderful. Manjiri claims that Abhi has accomplished what we have been unable to achieve. Parth says we’ll applaud for Abhi. Neil suggests that we applaud for Akshu. They applaud. Abhi orders broccoli for Akshu. Akshu declines. He is adamant. Parth refers to this as “healthy love.” Abhi administers it to her. Aarohi observes. Abhi considers himself fortunate.

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