Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Akshu And Abhi Get Separated

Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

Akshu opens the episode at a recording studio while singing “tere mere darmiyaan.” Akshu receives a thumbs-up from Kunal. Thereafter, she departs. After a year, Akshu is seen in Mauritius. Akshu believes I’m sending a letter to Abhi; Abhi wanted me to become a well-known singer, and I’m doing that—but with a large catch. She notices Maaya’s sign.

She believes that I’m willing to fulfil any need for you since there is only one requirement that matters: love. If you’re wondering how I’m doing, I’m OK. I get my meal on time, but it’s tasteless. She remembers what he said. She claims that I have been without a heart for a year and that I gave my heart to you. She speaks to him honestly. She assures Abhi that their romantic night would result in a lovely morning. She believes we are divided as a result of our choice, but you are and always will be a part of my life, Abhi.

She bids Abhi a happy anniversary and then hurls the letters down the cliff. She yells, “Oye!” Standing at the base of the cliff, she sobs.

One of the finalists in the race to become the Iron Man Champion is Abhi. The crowd applauds for him. He takes off his t-shirt. The woman inquires about his claim that he reached the summit. Abhi claims that because I am a surgeon, I can affirm that although a doctor’s effectiveness relies on both the patient’s desire and their own efforts, the heart that holds a person’s memories never fails. Everyone applauds for him. The woman made the wood-chopping round announcement. She introduces Abhi first.

The headphones are on Abhi. He starts sawing the log of wood. He becomes angry. Facebook depicts Abhi waking up after surgery and searching for Akshu. No, my Akshu can never leave me and go, he yells. He views the footage of Akshu escorting Kairav. End of FB. Abhi lets out his rage. Facebook footage of Abhi sobbing is captioned, “You chose your family above our love and family.” End of FB. He saws the timber. The bracelet is visible to him in his hand. The fight is won by him. Everybody applauds him. On Akshu’s song, Maaya can be seen practising her lip sync while singing. She halts. Akshu queries what transpired.

Maaya says I can’t do this because I’m so nervous about what I’ll say in front of the actual audience. You’re worried because you’re impacted, adds Akshu, and that’s acceptable. Maaya thinks you’re incredibly gorgeous, but I’m at a loss for words. She is asked to give Akshu a bear hug. When Kunal gets home, he gives Maaya a hug. For her, he orders ice cream. Maaya embraces her and praises her. She adds, “Sorry Akshu, I can’t give you this; you have some coffee. My life is set; I can eat icecream as much as I want; my songs are being recorded.” Kunal remembers what he said. I’m really happy when Maaya tells me that my song will be played at an event.

In the next round, Abhi tows a vehicle. I wonder what music is playing in his headphones since he is so focused, the woman remarks. He loses his headphones. She examines it and declares that there is just noise and no music. She is urged not to attempt to comprehend him, he says. He remembered Neil requesting that he engage a private investigator to track down Kairav and Akshu. According to Abhi, she left no clues, so why should I try to locate her if she doesn’t want to?

He gets a call from Harsh to go to the hospital for a checkup. My hand is alright, says Abhi. Yes, Harsh responds, but you aren’t going to the hospital for employment because your intellect isn’t in good shape. Abhi claims it’s my fault that I don’t forget things since I’m going to a party and one doesn’t need a reason to celebrate life. He departs. A guy requests Abhi to rescue his daughter once again. Abhi requests the nurse to prepare the OT. harsh observers. To operate the girl, Abhi goes. He remembers what Akshu said.

He does the procedure while playing some distracting sounds. End of FB. This round is also won by Abhi. Maaya claims that no place has wifi. Water is consumed by Abhi. The woman continues, “Thanks to our organisers, we have some entertainment for the participants. Some singers will perform in front of you, and we’ll play their songs. We promote fresh talent.” Maaya claims that it’s related. They watch the Iron Man contest. Maaya agrees, asking why my love song would play in this situation and outlining the events. Abhi is invisible to Kunal and Akshu. We’ll snap a selfie, Maaya says. On the screen, Abhi may be seen. Plays is Tujhse Rooh Daariyaan.

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