Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Kunal Keeps A Condition

Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

The episode begins with Abhi receiving Dadi’s wishes and thanking her. If Kairav calls me, Akshu says I’ll go see him. Abhi inquires whether you would leave me and depart. She answers, “No, I’ll go back to you.” According to Harsh, we cannot afford to be reckless. Akshu performs Ek manna tha mere pass… She is preparing Abhi for surgery. Rohan appears and invites Abhi to join him. Akshu promises to meet you here, waiting for you. Abhi gives a nod. He is strapped to a stretcher. Everyone wishes him the best of luck. Akshu and Abhi exchange a heart symbol. Abhi’s procedure begins. Everyone is praying outdoors.

Abhi sobs as he recalls Kairav. She claims I can’t afford to lose Kairav. Outside, she notices Dr. Kunal. She speculates that he is ready for surgery. She approaches him. She says Abhi is in OT, please come. Kunal describes Maaya as “my sister, my family; we don’t have anybody else.” She apologises and adds, “Sorry, we’ll speak about it later, please come, you forgot Abhi’s gift, Abhi and crew are waiting, come.” Abhi believes I am capable of doing this task. Akshu invites Kunal to join him. Kunal only speaks about Maaya. Akshu sobs. You can understand Kunal’s statement that music was everything to Maaya. Abhi grins as he hears the doctor’s instructions.

Music, Kunal adds, is worship when you sing and cure others; Maaya felt the same way. She says your sister is OK, so just take care of yourself and come to the operation, please, since something is wrong. Kunal adds, “I committed the worst mistake of my life.” Maaya wanted to be a singer, and music was her support system. I grabbed her dream, and I feel bad because I see your family supporting you. She considers taking Kunal to Abhi in some way. Abhi is given an injection. She begs Kunal to accompany her to the procedure.

Please come, she apologises for whatever occurred. I’m sorry, I’m not such, don’t know what happened to me, I never did this, I’m helpless, like you are helpless, Maaya has pain in her throat, I ignored her, I was busy with my work, the matter got serious, we had to rush her to the hospital, she couldn’t talk, there was no doctor, and I had to go to perform the surgery. Abhi recalls Akshu’s remarks. Kunal claims that I used to have a 100% success rate, but my hands couldn’t cure my sister, my experience and work didn’t assist me, and Maaya couldn’t sing for the rest of her life, her dream broken forever. I’m sorry, she says. He thinks I should apologise since her dream was shattered because of me, she lost hope in her life, and she attempted suicide. She inquires, “Did she…?” No, he replies, she’s OK. She says don’t worry, she’ll be alright; I’m sorry, but we can’t put this off any longer; I lost my parents; my brother is in a different circumstance; my Abhi is waiting for you in OT; everything relies on you. Abhi shuts his eyes and thinks about Akshu. Akshu begs Kunal to hurry up and rescue him.

She tells him to forget about his sister for a while and focus on saving Abhi. He claims that my circumstance was similar while Maaya was in the OT. She claims Abhi’s life is in his hands. He claims that Maaya’s life is dependent on music, and that he can do anything for her. I’m not sure whether he’s correct. She inquires as to what.

He claims that people cannot become Lord since Lord is not selfish, however humans become greedy; I am a human. She inquires as to what you want to say. He claims he’ll do your husband’s procedure, but there’s a catch. She inquires as to the condition. He says you have to sacrifice part of your time to give my sister a new life and fulfil her desire. She inquires as to what you mean. He says you must speak out for my sister. She is taken aback. He says you must sing for her; it will be your voice, but it will be her face; you must dedicate your life to her. She inquires as to what you are saying. He claims it will take some time. She adds, “Fine, I’ll sing for your sister; once Abhi is well, I’ll inform him.” You can’t tell him or anybody else, he says. She inquires as to why and what you are saying. He adds we don’t have much time, you have to come with me after the procedure, say okay, you love Abhi, right, so do this for him, show him how much you love him.

She chastises him. She continues, “I respect your profession, therefore I’m sparing you; your degree saved you; otherwise, you can’t fathom what me and my family would have done to you; you truly deserve this; I won’t leave my husband;”

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