Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Abhi Confronts Akshu

Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

Abhi begins the episode by remembering Mahima’s statements. Akshu departs, believing that Kairav needs his presence and that Abhi requires his presence. She says a prayer. She overhears Harsh and Anand discussing Abhi’s operation. She decides to go collect Kairav since it is better not to say anything than to lie. Abhi notices Akshu hurrying someplace. Akshu arrives to meet with Kairav. She searches for him and summons him. Abhi stares at her and remembers what she said. Akshu prays to Kanha ji, asking for strength to persuade Kairav of his innocence. She yells at him. Kairav comes to a halt as she notices Abhi behind her. He asks, “Why did you get Abhi?” He believes I murdered Anisha and plans to notify the cops. Akshu says a prayer. She looks around and notices Abhi.

He claims that you promised to inform me about Kairav and that you have shown that you would always chose your family. She wonders why you came here, and tells her that if Kairav sees you, he will flee. Kairav takes off running. She says, “Trust me, I came here to talk to him and get him back, he is innocent, he can’t keep running, I came here to make him surrender, just go, he is scared, he is being punished, we should respect his sincerity, he is broken, he didn’t say anything against Anisha to hurt your family, he is really good, don’t misunderstand him.” He adds, “I trust every thing you say; contact Kairav and ask him to speak to me; I want a chance; call him and ask him to persuade me.” She requests that you return the case. She embraces him. He claims I have a medical issue.

He claims that I will see him as a stranger, with no link to him, and that if he can persuade me, he must submit. She responds, “I agree, wait here, and I’ll grab Kairav and come.” Manjiri closes the front door. She prays and places a diya at the front entrance. She explains that when this door opens in the evening, we will return with the good news that Abhi’s hand has healed; we must leave the agony and troubles outside the door and walk through. Harsh and Mahima exchange nods. They depart.

Akshu searches for Kairav. She sees a poster that says, “What you lost, you’ll receive it back.” She explains that if we fail in one duty, it is more important that we pass in the other; we can’t afford to fail in this, so don’t worry about anything else than your hand. They depart. Kairav is still on the run someplace. Anand requests that Rohan arrange for Abhi’s testing. Parth inquires about Abhi’s whereabouts. Neil says he’ll be there.

Manjiri and Harsh are concerned. She claims you’ve seen a lot of surgery at the hospital. He speaks nothing about my son. She asks, “I understand your worry, but is there another reason?” He signs the no. She wonders whether you believe Kunal’s credentials. Yes, he says. She adds, “I trust my Kanha ji; I’m terrified, but I preserved my bravery; our kid needs both of us right now; he may contact us at any moment.” He says I’ll go check whether the team has arrived; you’re much stronger than me.

Dadi Goenka claims she requested Guru ji to do a pooja for Abhi. Yes, adds Manish, he is also our son, and our best wishes will always be with him. Kunal texts Maaya and promises to fulfil her desire as soon as possible. He notices Abhi and Akshu approaching. He continues, I guess you don’t trust me, why are you guys nervous, please smile, it’s a big day for you, I’m sure you understand, wishes don’t come lightly, there’s some pressure on me.

Akshu and Abhi express their gratitude to him. Kunal invites Abhi to join him. Neil, says Manjiri, fear exists when there is no belief; we have confidence in Kanha ji; why are you afraid? Neil expresses concern about Kunal’s remarks, stating that it is difficult for him to see Abhi in this state. She argues, “I can’t watch my kids going weak like this,” and that Abhi should see hope and pleasure on our faces when he comes out of OT, not sadness. He says he understands. Kairav questions why you brought Abhi along; you wanted me to go back to prison; no, I can’t go home; what should I do, just keep running? He notices a police siren.

Kunal invites Abhi to visit his family and come with him. Abhi accepts the blessings of the elders. Anand encourages him to be courageous and fight hard. Abhi gives everyone a hug. Manjiri tells Abhi not to be concerned. Harsh embraces Abhi. He says you have to go in and then come back to get your old place back, battle can be tough in the OT, you have to win, don’t lose, you are a fighter, your family is waiting for you here, we want old Abhi back, roaring angry Abhi back, go in there, fight, come back roaring, go now, otherwise I will start part 2 of my motivational speech, all the best. Abhi embraces Manjiri. He takes Akshu’s hand in his. Everyone wishes him the best of luck.

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