Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Kairav Appeals To Akshu

Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

Abhi begins the episode by defending Goenkas. Mahima objects. Anand wonders what the harm is in examining the home. According to Abhi, it would harm our relationships and make them feel humiliated. According to Mahima, “I lost my kid forever,” and “no one can stop me from examining their residence.” Manjiri tells her to do anything she wants. Harsh argues it’s her right; imagine yourself in her shoes. Mahima swears Akshu would never abandon her family for you or anyone else, and you should take her word for it.

Vansh claims to have just slept; let him sleep. Vansh informs her of everything. He walks outdoors with Akshu. He claims Kairav was mistreated in the prison and has fled; let him rest; we will take him. She says she will speak with Abhi, explain everything to him, and he will understand. If he doesn’t comprehend, he should think about Kairav. They see Manish and proceed to visit him. Inspector displays the search warrant and inquires as to where Kairav is hiding. Manish claims he is not present. Inspector says if you concealed Kairav here, you’ll be charged as well. Manish responds, “Fine, check the home, he’s not here.”

According to Akhilesh, we obey the law. Mahima objects. Akshu suggests that we tell Abhi the truth or he would never trust me again. Vansh advises her to be calm. She thinks Abhi may be able to assist us in this problem; please inform him. Abhi instructs the constables not to search that way since it is not a criminal’s home. Inspector requests that he refrain from meddling with his job. Manjiri brings Abhi along. I have to inform Akshu that he is too supportive. Constable attempts to open the storehouse door. He claims that since the door isn’t opening, Kairav must be inside.

Kairav is fast asleep. Kairav, according to Mahima, will be secreted here; we must locate him. Abhi claims he is not present. Akshu says I’m going to tell Abhi the truth since I told him I wouldn’t keep anything from him. Vansh intervenes. She visits Abhi. He adds, “You maintain your vow, and I’ll keep mine; I’m not going to let Kairav go to prison.” Kairav awakens to the sound of the police inspector speaking. Vansh takes off. Kairav is nervous.

Akshu visits Abhi. Vansh notices the policeman opening the entrance to the storehouse. Abhi apologises to Akshu, saying that he tried but couldn’t stop them. I’m sorry, Akshu, I know you tried your hardest, but I have to tell you something. Vansh is concerned. Kairav is not noticed by the policeman. The police officers leave. Vansh dashes inside to double-check. He notices the window is open. Kairav, according to the inspector, is not present. Mahima inquires, “Are you sure?” Dadi just asks her to go. Mahima claims that you forced him to go, but she would not abandon him. Birlas go.

Abhi apologises profusely. He invites Akshu to join him. Akshu says you go, and I’ll simply come over. She begs Goenkas not to be concerned; Kairav is OK. She says she’ll ask Abhi to explain Mahima to her. Dadi invites her to return home. Akshu requests that Aarohi look after everyone. She adds I may not be able to return soon due to Abhi’s operation; would you manage things? Aarohi responds, “Don’t worry, go; I’ll take care of everything.”

Akshu embraces Aarohi. Dadi praises Akshu and adds, “I know Abhi’s hand will heal quickly.” Akshu embraces Dadi and Manish. Please take care of everyone, she adds. She embraces Akhilesh. Vansh invites her to join him. They leave. Vansh praises Akshu for keeping Abhi in the dark. She wonders where he went in this situation. He claims he doesn’t know, he was afraid, and he’s on sedatives, so you leave, and I’ll go get him. Akshu says I’ll be there. Vansh replies no, you concentrate on Abhi’s operation, I’ll be there. She replies, “Notify me when you find out about him, and I vow not to tell the cops.” He inquires about Abhi. She adds, “I’ll explain everything to him; I’m sure he’ll understand.” He nods and embraces her. Abhi arrives to summon her. She chooses Abhi.

The Birlas pray for Abhi’s operation at home. Manjiri communicates with everyone. We shall also pray for Abhi, according to Anand and Parth. Akshu wishes Abhi the best. She goes to collect the document. She receives a call and speculates that Dr. Kunal may be phoning from a different number. She is taken aback when she hears Kairav weeping. Kairav begs her to assist him and rescue him. She says, “Why did you flee from the police?” She says, “Go back, further charges will be brought on you.” He screams no, I’m not going back, they’ll murder me, help me, I’m leaving this city. She requests that he refrain from doing so.

When she asks where you are, I shall send Vansh. He says no, come and meet me for the last time, I will not return, they torture and force the person to confess the crime, I will not return until it is proven that I am not responsible for Anisha’s death, please come and meet me, I’m feeling panicky and anxious, just come, otherwise I will go really far from here. She responds, “Don’t go; tell me where you are, and I will come.” She believes he may make any mistake in a panicked scenario. He provides the address. She says I’ll be there. Kairav advises that you come alone if you don’t get along. Sure, she says. She selects the file. She notices Abhi’s file. Abhi gives her a glance.

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