Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th October 2022 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th October 2022 Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20 October 2022

Abhi and Akshu remember each other. Roohdaariyaan…plays.. They both leave the home running and arrive at the same location. They discuss whether to take a break and embrace. Upon seeing one another, they both weep. Calling Neil, Aarohi requests a meeting. She advises me to take action if Akshu has seen me. Is Manish too furious, wonders Abhi. Yes, Akshu responds. How about Manjiri? She is too furious, he claims. She claims that we believed a falsehood would bring us serenity. It’s more worrisome than the truth, he claims. She advises that we speak with Neil and Aarohi. He advises that I speak with Neil since I can’t trust Aarohi. She claims that we must protect families from this shock since there are already issues resulting from our relationship. We will initially speak with Neil and Aarohi, he adds. They each give each other heartfelt thanks before departing.

Chainani si Jaaniye…. Plays… They go away. Abhi approaches Neil. Aarohi isn’t here, where did she go, claims Akshu. Neil is urged by Abhi not to speak lies about Aarohi. Akshu notices an item. That female isn’t suited for you, according to Abhi. Wait, said Neil. According to Akshu, Mahima and Aarohi discuss every family topic. She peruses their chatter. Neil claims that during the last year, Aarohi has changed and requests your assistance. When someone becomes angry, their nature doesn’t alter, says Abhi. Neil says, “I need your help in making this choice.” Akshu looks up Aarohi’s aspirations in life. You either love Neil or are simply using him, asks Akshu. Neil asks, “Will you get me my rights? Maybe everyone will be against me, but I can’t expect anything from others. Tell me.” He also asks for the freedom to pick my spouse for love and for life. Akshu considers speaking with Aarohi.

Suwarna claims that you like Neil Birla. After Sirat left us, Aarohi claims that you are her mother. Akshu observes. Aarohi claims that she has always felt unloved and that Akshu is more important than her. However, Neil makes her feel unique and cares for her deeply. She claims that she attempted to resist falling in love with Neil, but that falling in love naturally occurs. Suwarna replies although I can’t guarantee anything, I’ll try. Her hug and a thank you from Aarohi. Akshu goes out. Aarohi enters her bedroom. It’s my laptop, what are you doing, she says. What are you doing with Neil, says Akshu, you’re betraying him because you want to run Birla Hospital. It is deleted by Aarohi. Akshu claims that erasing this won’t alter the reality. She reprimands Aarohi. Not everything is real or untrue, Aarohi asks, “You’re a wonderful girl. Where are you now?” Don’t marry Neil and destroy his life, advises Akshu. According to Aarohi, you couldn’t maintain your marriage. Since I admire Neil, what’s your issue if I married him and realise my aspirations at the same time? Tell Neil that you are getting married in order to realise your ambition of achieving power and status at Birla Hospital, says Akshu. Because he is like my younger brother, I won’t allow this to happen. I will marry Neil, and no one can stop me from doing so, Aarohi says. Are you not even interested in me? Akshu asserts, “I’ll watch what you do; I won’t let this marriage to take place.” What should I tell the family, wonders Abhi. I should speak to Neil first, according to Akshu; I can’t allow Neil be duped; this is Aarohi’s job move, not a romantic one; I hope Abhi spoke to him. Abhi pauses at the door as he considers speaking with Manjiri. He just sits there and nods off. Manjiri emerges and sobs upon seeing him. She notices Akshu’s wallet has her photo. She leaves.

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