Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Abhi approaches Akshu and tells him

Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

Harsh begins the episode by stating, “I’m not the CEO of Birla Hospital, I’m not giving you an order, but an advise, you should say yes for the operation, you know this, so you didn’t deny, we should make a choice fast.” He leaves. Akshu expresses gratitude to him. Abhi remembers everything everyone said. Harsh approaches everyone and says, “Let’s see what happens.” Neil comforts Akshu by handing her the coffee cup. Abhi approaches Dr. Kunal and says, “When are you coming for my surgery? I’ll prepare the OT.” Everyone is happy. Kanha ji is grateful to Akshu.

Manish claims Kairav has escaped from prison; how can this be? Everyone is concerned. Dadi requests that he locate Kairav and bring him home. She claims that we will transport him someplace. According to Akhilesh, it is a crime. According to Aarohi, the case will be ruined. Vansh claims that the cops will cause him a lot of difficulty. Manish inquires as to how I intend to rescue him now. Vansh promises that we will locate him in some way. Harsh claims that Kairav has fled since it has been shown that he is guilty. Mahima and Anand consult with everyone about the situation. Mahima inquires of Akshu what she has to say today. Akshu sobs.

Mahima storms out in rage. Akshu is concerned about Kairav. Anand claims he has no idea where she fled in rage. Neil suggests that we go after her. Manish and everyone others are concerned about Kairav. Aarohi advises against taking stress since it is terrible for your health. Manish wonders what he would do about his health if his kid is in peril. He stands up. He has a dizzy spell. He takes a seat. She requests that he look after her health. Abhi advises Akshu not to be stressed. Manjiri claims he has no idea where Mahima has gone. Mahima and her friends arrive to the Goenka residence. Mahima instructs them to contact Kairav.

Manish claims he is not present. Mahima has said that he would be present; he will not flee without your assistance. She makes a huge deal out of it. She claims that I will not abandon Kairav. Anand believes Kairav is most likely at home. Dadi commands Mahima to halt. Vansh and Aarohi are called by Akshu. She inquires as to where Kairav has gone. Manjiri assures him that he will be alright. Neil’s phone call reaches Abhi. He inquires, “Mahima went to Goenkas, bring her back, matter has already spoilt, I don’t want it to completely spoil.” Kairav, where are you? he asks. Kairav runs away as he sees the cops. Someone is holding him.

Dadi claims that nothing is proven in court. Mahima replies his wrongdoing is confirmed, you think you would trick us, I will discover Kairav anyhow. Dadi advises her to go if she has come with a bad motive. Akhilesh claims even police requires search warrant. Manish wonders why we would conceal Kairav when we could take him to the police station and force him to surrender. They are all arguing. Dadi folds her hands and begs them to go. Neil advises us to have faith in them. Mahima claims that I can never trust them. Come, Anand says we can’t search their residence. They depart. Dadi laments the deterioration of relationships. Harsh claims you said Kairav may be inside.

Yes, Anand replies, we should not give him the opportunity to flee; instead, we should notify the police, who will locate him. Kairav recognises Vansh and embraces him. Vansh inquires as to why you fled the prison. Kairav claims they would have murdered me there. Vansh claims they caused you a lot of grief. Kairav responds, “I don’t want to go there; please rescue and conceal me.” Vansh predicts that matter will deteriorate. Kairav claims that I do not want to return. He faints after hearing the siren. Vansh checks his temperature. Mahima and everyone return home. Abhi adds they are scared, too, since Akshu isn’t feeling well; if she knew this, then… He notices Akshu. Harsh claims that the cops will handle the situation. Otherwise, Mahima adds, I’ll handle it.

Abhi approaches Akshu and tells him, “I know your family would never back Kairav.” She expresses gratitude to him for supporting her family and being truthful and honest. He claims you would have done the same thing. She claims Aarohi informed her that everyone is really concerned. Abhi invites her to go meet everyone. No, she continues, Kanha ji will manage everything; just concentrate on the procedure. He says you’ll enjoy it, go see him, apologise for not coming, tell them I’ll come tomorrow after surgery, I’ll manage Mahima, don’t worry, go. She praises him and promises to tell him whatever she knows about Kairav. They embrace. Akshu encounters the Goenkas. She inquires about Kairav.

Vansh arrives and informs us that the police are torturing and beating him in order for him to sign the confession that he murdered Anisha. Akshu believes it would be difficult to establish his innocence. Dadi is concerned. Vansh suggests that I go to my room to charge my phone. Aarohi claims that pain relievers and fever medications had vanished without a trace. Vansh believes it has passed, but who will take the medications? He leaves. Vansh’s pocket contains something that Akshu notices.

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