Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st June 2022 Written Update Episode

Akshu Supports Parth’s Career Choice

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1 June 2022 Written Episode on

Abhi begins the episode by congratulating Akshu. He claims he was busy in surgery and apologises. She inquires as to why our date was not cancelled. He claims that there is no food on the premises. She claims that emotions are important. He claims that his sensations are becoming more intense.

She says supper will be served here, and then we’ll take a long trip. He considers the hotel suite he had reserved. They are seated and conversing. They pass the pizza around between themselves. Jaaniye….plays…. He’s getting near. She rises and departs. He comes to a halt and pulls her in close. They get up and dance. They’re snoozing inside the tent.

She motions for him to rise. She has him lay down on the table and examines him as if she were his doctor. We’re going to have ice cream, she says. He thinks you’re adorable. He tells himself to concentrate. Dinner, ice cream, a lengthy drive, and finally the hotel room, he adds. Shefali and Parth had a fight. They are heard by everyone. Anand yells at them and tells them to stop. Mahima chastises them as well.

Akshu returns home. Shefali is asked to lock the room door and talk to Anand. It would be embarrassing if Akshu believes Abhi is waiting for the vehicle keys. Harsh inquires as to what is going on with Parth. Shefali states, “I want him to do a good career,” implying that he abandoned his employment to pursue music. Parth notices Akshu and invites her to join him.

He says, “Assist me in explaining them,” “We receive joy in performing the work that we desire,” “I left a position where I was treated badly,” “I want to do a job that makes me happy,” and “I’m willing to work with you, despite my lack of expertise in music therapy.” Shefali instructs him to begin practising. Parth claims that will be the end of my self-assurance. Akshu claims that he can turn his love into a career; don’t dismiss music; many people have accomplished great things via music; give him a chance. Mahima claims that you have rendered him worthless.

According to Akshu, music is an important aspect of our lives; there is music everywhere, and the music business is broad, which Parth may investigate. Parth claims that he made the decision to join Akshu. Abhi appears and observes. According to Akshu, there is a job opening for a music therapist. Parth responds, “Wow, that’s fantastic,” and adds, “I’ll come with you.”

Anand, Mahima, and Harsh are adamantly opposed to Parth. Parth declares, “You can’t stop me from doing what I want since I’m an adult.” Don’t challenge me, Anand adds. “I can do anything,” he continues. “I won’t keep silent when it comes to your life.” Calm down, Abhi replies; we’ll sit and speak. Please keep out of it, Anand adds, since I’m talking to my kid. Mahima encourages Akshu to keep away from this situation since she is always there to provide guidance. Will you make Parth sing, says Harsh?

Harsh is asked by Abhi not to speak to Akshu in this manner. He stands up for Akshu. He claims that Parth, not us, will make the choice. Parth’s career, according to Harsh, is on the verge of being wrecked. Abhi advises to give him some time and support and then see what he does, to stop watching everyone, particularly Akshu, since she was happy before and may be happy again, to let us breathe because I’m feeling smothered. He walks away. Akshu pursues him.

He inquires as to why you spoke in the interim, claiming that Parth is capable of fighting for himself. She claims he became upset and wanted me; I informed her of the need and told her I didn’t believe it would happen. He claims that whether it’s an anniversary or a job, the outcome will be the same. Harsh tells Mahima that she has to be firm with Parth.

We can’t control Abhi, we know his rage, but we can control Parth, he’s a decent man, he says he’ll go with Akshu and play music. Abhi inquires whether you have forgotten your vow. She replies no, but you sided with me. He claims that they are habitual of my, and that they vent their fury on you; I can’t stand it. Harsh and Anand are overjoyed that they are still number one after 35 years. Mahima wonders why there is a need to do anything significant on Founders Day. Harsh claims that two departments are about to open.

She claims that one department will be closed. Yes, he says. Will the DNA results arrive tomorrow, Anand inquires? Yes, Harsh adds, I requested Aarohi to stay all night to deliver me the reports, which are a present for the workers on the founders’ day. Akshu taunts Abhi and chases her down. She leaps to her feet and leaps onto the bed. He tells me not to fall down while bothering me. She trips and falls over him. Jaaniye….plays…

He has her in his arms. Neil enters and says, “I’m going to knock three times and come in.” Abhi and Akshu rise from their seats. Neil makes fun of them. Why did you come here, Abhi replies, if there is no urgency. Harsh and Anand, according to Neil, are phoning you. You might have messaged or phoned me, according to Abhi. Neil is defeated by him. Akshu chuckles. Abhi claims he won’t bother us right now. He kisses Akshu and then walks away.

Harsh wonders what Manjiri will do there. Abhi claims that Birla hospital was built on Manjiri’s father’s property, that she is my land, and that she will arrive. He gives the names of the physicians. Avni Rathod, he says. Harsh and Manjiri are watching.

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