Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th October 2022 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th October 2022 Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19 October 2022

Manjiri becomes enraged. Mahima believes Manjiri made the correct choice. Akshu would be powerless to come here, according to Kairav. According to Akhilesh, if we really love someone, we cannot make up for their errors. Akshu destroyed Manish’s heart. When Akshu went previously, she didn’t think about Abhi, and when Abhi did what he wanted, he didn’t think of his mother. Manjiri takes Akshu’s suitcase and says, “I was crazy to believe you two are children, you have grown up a lot.”

She advises against mocking the rites. She invites her to accompany Manish home. She sobs. Abhi requests water for her. Akshu recounts her memories before departing. She sobs. If you went to meet Neil, Vansh inquires, then you too want attention. Yes, I had gone to see Neil and had run into Akshu there, Aarohi confirms. Everyone loves you, too, he claims. She asks for your assurance that you would support Neil and me, saying that everyone supports Akshu since she is related to everyone.

He gives her a hug and makes a commitment. Manjiri thinks back to Akshu and Abhi. She sobs. She is urged to calm down by harsh who arrives. She claims that people act on behalf of others rather than on their own behalf. She claims that people would sacrifice themselves for family and friends but won’t realise that doing so is punishing them for making the error in the first place. Abhi observes. Akshu is driven home by Manish. She apologises. He claims that when kids commit errors, we should realise that our upbringing was incorrect. He leaves. Manjiri welcomes Abhi. She becomes irritated. I may choose an other doctor, she claims. She responds, “I want to take a nap,” and he replies, “Look at me and tell this.”

Abhi stares at Manjiri before leaving. Leave Manjiri alone for a while, advises Mahima. You are Tai Ji, Mum’s sister, and also a doctor, so Abhi thinks you know what’s best for her. Don’t screw things up. You told her the truth and started a fire. Try to put it out and don’t let it spread. He leaves. Manish is asked by Akshu not to go. It’s time to take off, according to Manish. He is urged to reflect by Kairav since choose between two families is not simple. Manish is urged to calm down by everyone. Please don’t get angry at me too much if I can’t persuade you; I went there for Manjiri; I lost my two mothers; I can’t lose Manjiri; I wanted to see her getting well; I didn’t want to harm you; I’m sorry. You accomplished what you wanted, he adds; now let me do what I want. Dadi haltes him.

Mahima claims that not only are we suffering, but so is Abhi. No, says Manjiri, their relationship is in trouble. It is the responsibility of the father to explain to his children why they shouldn’t leave the home and to reprimand them if they do so. Dadi responds, “Fine, don’t listen to Akshu, you are doing the same thing. Akshu left, she was helpless. Kairav had a cause. Why are you powerless?” Moosh weeps. Sad Abhi sits. harsh is seated next. He claims that while Manjiri had to be made aware of the situation, it was for the best and that she would eventually understand.

Yes, I don’t understand, there is a new issue, explains Abhi. What? asks Harsh. Abhi thinks back to Neil and Aarohi. I need a break, he says. He leaves. Akshu performs the song “mere mama ko gussa jab aata hai.” She expresses regret to Manish. Manjiri is visited by Abhi, who sits by her side. She is in his grasp. Ashku weeps. When Manjiri awakens, she regains her hand. Abhi sobs before leaving. Crying, Abhi and Akshu leave the home.

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