Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th October 2022 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th October 2022 Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

In the bedroom, Akshu is getting ready. Abhi attempts to keep her out of sight. After turning on the laptop camera, he notices Akshu standing behind him. Not this one, he adds after seeing her jewellery. She is dressed in his preferred outfit. Jaaniye….plays… He grinned and said, “Oye.” She exclaims “oye” when her earring drops. She looks his way. He closes his laptop. She says oye when she sees him. He says “oye” as his paper spills. Each of them notices the other. Tojhse roohdariyan Plays.. The sindoor box is given to her. She remembers what he said. She does it herself and appreciates you. He says not to mention.

Manish is asked by Suwarna why he is concerned and whether he is considering Mahima’s remarks. He claims that she intended for our pride to crumble because to Akshu. She claims, but we believe her. Yes, he replies. Dadi invites him to the pooja. I will go to Jaipur to see Akshu, he adds, and I will do that. Dadi is anxious. The women are welcomed by Shefali, who advises them not to share any information with Manjiri on Abhi and Akshu. Shefali is told by the woman not to worry since they won’t say anything. When Aarohi arrives, he observes the family. Akshu and Abhi descend the stairs.

Akshu is invisible to Aarohi. Why did Abhi get so dressed up, she asks. Light disappears. Great, it’s a terrific opportunity to get inside, Aarohi exclaims. I will check the fuse, replies Abhi. Aarohi walks into the home. Akshu travels to assist Abhi. She runs after colliding with Aarohi. Neil separates Aarohi. Come with me, he continues, since it will be an issue if anybody sees us. Akshu receives the torch from Nishta. Akshu wonders how Aarohi got here. According to Aarohi, I’m hungry. Neil says I agree. Moon isn’t out, she claims. He claims that although some individuals saw stars to break their fast, we can see the moon online. Really, I’ll grab the dish and Channi, she responds, and then there is the star. She leaves.

Through the channi, Aarohi can see Neil. She is led by Neil. Neil is heard, and Abhi and Akshu hurry to investigate. Aarohi and Neil complement one another. After doing his aarti, Aarohi ends his fast. He breaks her fast as well. Akshu and Abhi notice Neil with a person. Neil, according to Abhi, is celebrating Karwachauth. Akshu queries but who. When Neil spots them, he grabs Aarohi and flees. Akshu wonders where he went. Neil claims that I misunderstood his split and that I had nothing to teach him. She queries what is being concealed.

There, she receives a bracelet. She claims Sirat is the owner of it. Are you sure, Abhi queries. I’m not sure, but I have this sense, she adds. She rushes to see. You will drop, warns Abhi; grab the lamp; it is dark. Let them see what the big deal is, Aarohi advises. Neil adds, “Get happy please, I love you, and leave. We’ve celebrated Karwachauth.” She reclines in the taxi. Akshu sprints to look. The lights return. When Akshu notices Aarohi in the taxi, he is startled. Akshu is also seen by Aarohi.

On the day of Karwachauth, Akshu speaks Aarohi here. Aarohi claims that Akshu would be present on Karwachauth. Aarohi, says Akshu When did this happen, Abhi asks Aarohi, who was the girl with Neil, when he arrives. He remembers what Neil said. He claims that I now understand why he withheld information about his girlfriend from me. He also claims that he has concealed a significant matter, that there are numerous conflicts between the Goenkas and Birlas and that he has developed a new angle. He also mentions that his mother is ill and that there are visitors staying at the house. He asks whether she saw you also after you saw Aarohi. I don’t think so, she responds.

Pray that if she sees you, she won’t tell anybody, she says. I’ll go home and let them know what Aarohi claims Akshu is doing by seeing her spouse after their separation. Will Aarohi conceal the facts, wonders Abhi. I don’t understand about Neil and Aarohi, says Akshu, adding that Manish would feel horrible if he finds out and will be really wounded. Manish has a lot of faith in me. She becomes anxious. He keeps her from falling by holding her. She is having a panic attack, so he begs her to stop. He requests that she sing. She adds a “no.” Please sing, he says. She sings a song. She settles herself. They have a brief window. Jaaniye….plays… The moon is out, so Shefali summons them to break their fast. According to Akshu, they are phoning. He invites her to go.

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