Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Abhi apologises for everything and tells everyone to relax

Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

Abhi begins the episode by suggesting that Kairav deserves it. No, she argues, it’s not right. Harsh requests that Inspector take Kairav. Manish disagrees. He claims you will be sorry. Kairav claims I did nothing. Harsh claims that we are already remorseful, and that Kairav should have told us the truth sooner. Anand speculates that Kairav may be having an affair, which Anisha has discovered. Akhilesh requests that he stop. Abhi, you believe me, right?

Don’t do this with Kairav, adds Akshu. According to Abhi, the court will determine whether or not your brother is innocent. Akshu inquires, “What are you saying?” and “How can you do this?” Abhi says, “You picked your side, and I chose mine; now deal with it.” She sobs. Anand requests that the inspector take Kairav. Kairav calls out to Manish. Bhaiya, says Akshu… Kairav has been arrested.

Goenkas pursues him. Kairav is arrested and taken to the police station. A guy notices him and recognises him as Kairav Goenka. Kairav sobs and covers his face. He apologises to his parents and relatives for disappointing them. Anand and Manish arrive along with others. They both disagree. Kairav sobs. Anand claims Kairav murdered Anisha, yet he is still alive. Try to grasp Akhilesh’s claim that he did not murder her. He proceeds to phone the attorney.

Kairav apologises, saying that it is due of you. My lawyer, according to Akhilesh, knows you well. Anand suggests that you draught the report. They are all arguing. Parth requests that Anand refrain from arguing and instead speak with the inspector. Abhi and Akshu arrive and witness the fight. Abhi advises them to be cool and let the cops handle the situation. Parth claims I’m attempting to say the same thing. Akshu notices Kairav sobbing. She sobs and rushes over to him. She comforts him. We don’t want to wait for his lawyer, so Anand says we’ll write the complaint ourselves. Manish inquires, “Did he bribe you?” Inspector chastises him. Manish is stopped by Akhilesh. Anand suggests approaching them in this manner. Don’t do that, says Akshu, since I can’t see it.

Abhi apologises for everything and tells everyone to relax. Constable tells Akshu to go home; she seems to come from a respectable family, so he talks to her nicely. Please allow Akshu to speak with his sibling. He just asks her to go. Kairav requests that Akshu refrain from leaving. Leave her hand, says the constable. He prepares to strike Kairav. Abhi interrupts the policeman and says, “What are you doing?” They are brothers and sisters, they want to chat, so let them. Akshu sobs.

Lawyers arrive to speak with the inspector. Akshu says you believe the law and your truth; if you haven’t done anything wrong, why should anything go wrong? Patience works out the misunderstanding; you don’t panic. She promises that even if the world turns against you, she will always be there for you. He requests a pledge. She embraces him and promises to be there for him forever. Kairav sobs. She walks up to Abhi and sobs. She walks away. Abhi approaches her. She embraces him and apologises. He also mentions me. She claims that since our families aren’t united, we must select one side. He claims that we cannot support both sides. She wonders why, given that we had vowed to assist each other’s families. He claims that we did not expect them to fight back. She claims we can’t even help each other. He claims that life has its own set of exams.

She claims that we should not lose anybody close to us. He claims we will not. They both recollect family events. He recalls Anisha’s death. She recalls Kairav’s arrest. Kairav, according to Manish, will get justice. Anisha will get justice, according to Harsh. Aarohi and Shefali are also on the phone. Akshu notices his family members. Abhi, Harsh says the lawyer wants to meet with you. Abhi nods and clutches his rakhi. Manish writes to Akshu…. Kairav’s lawyer wants to speak with you. Abhi departs. Mahima and Abhi’s remarks come back to Akshu. She thinks I should try again. She requests that Mahima listen to her once.

I don’t want to hear about your brother, Mahima says. I understand the anguish of losing a family member, adds Akshu, and you know Kairav, he is intelligent, sorted, and extremely sensitive; he can’t do this with anybody. Abhi will arrive shortly. He remembers Akshu’s words. He adds Akshu has a lot of faith in Kairav, which reminds me of Dr. Kunal’s one percent rule, and I’m just thinking fair. Parth claims Akshu chose her family’s side, while you are taking hers. Abhi responds, “No, I simply want to learn the truth, Kairav has been arrested, he will be punished if he is guilty, if he isn’t guilty, then it’s wrong, I want to make sure the responsibility is appropriate.” Parth says it’s true, that guy has made a statement against Kairav, but Anisha died because of him, he knew Anisha was short-tempered, remain on our side for once, stay on Anisha’s side, who you loved the most, who loved you a lot. Abhi shuts his eyes and remembers Anisha.

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