Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Abhi notices Akshu. She continues

Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

The episode begins with Rohan stating that the death certificate is ready, but that we must prepare to take the corpse. Everyone is in tears. Aarohi says they know how Kairav is in the Goenka residence, and Akshu claims Kairav didn’t do anything. She requests that Kairav tell them what occurred. We can’t expose our faces, adds Akhilesh, unless you tell us. Manish claims that since we don’t know how to go there, they may mock us. Vansh and Manish question Kairav about why he broke the marriage; this would not have occurred if you had not broken the marriage. Kairav claims she didn’t love me and was just using me; what could I do? They are watching.

Everyone in the Birla household is in tears. Abhi notices Akshu. She continues, “I read all of your questions in your eyes, and I only have one answer: Kairav is innocent, and I’m sorry for Anisha’s loss.” Abhi exclaims, “Why, why do you constantly protect your family and cover up their mistakes?” Mahima yells, “Get out!” They turn to find Goenkas standing at the entrance. Mahima says, “How dare you come here? I didn’t say anything before, and I won’t allow anything, so go out.” Anand also chastises them.

Manish claims that we understand your anguish. You don’t comprehend, Mahima replies, since I’ve lost a daughter. Relax, says Akshu, we’ll sit and speak. Mahima wonders what we’ll speak about, if Anisha will return, and whether these individuals will depart with you. Everyone is concerned. Kairav, you murdered my daughter, just go out, screams Mahima. Akshu is pushed away by her. Abhi clutches Akshu’s hand.

Kairav and Mahima, according to Mahima, are killers. Abhi hugs her and tells her that Kairav did everything, that Akshu isn’t at fault, that her mistake is that she is covering Kairav’s mistake, that maybe she doesn’t know anything, that she becomes blind in front of her family, that she has always saved her sister, and that she is now saving her brother. Listen to me, I know Kairav is innocent, he didn’t murder Anisha or encourage her to commit suicide, adds Akshu. Abhi yells, “Why is he sitting silent?” Akshu believes that if I confess the truth, everyone would be embarrassed.

Dadi promises that we will reveal the truth when the time comes. Anand tells her to stop acting nice. Manish describes it as unfortunate. Anand claims that Kairav killed Anisha. Akshu claims that if you listen to Kairav, you will not be furious with him. Either disclose the reason or shut up, says Abhi. Mahima summons the Inspector. She requests that he establish a case against Kairav and arrest him immediately. Goenkas is taken aback.

Don’t do it, urges Akshu; Kairav did nothing wrong; it was Anisha’s fault. Abhi inquires, “What was her mistake?” Anand claims that they will not speak since they have nothing to say. Manish says fine, it won’t be necessary, call the cops, we’ll tell them what Anisha’s intention was, we were silent thinking of your pain and respect, and even Anisha’s respect, no one is thinking of Kairav, you know what Anisha was going to do, Kairav is silent because he is good, Anisha had an affair with a married man, did you all know this?

Everyone is taken aback. Manish says she wanted to marry Kairav, but she wasn’t ready to leave him. Kairav requested her to notify the family, but she didn’t listen. Her goal was to see her boyfriend, but she didn’t tell them, and she got you all to our house for mehendi, so Kairav became powerless and fled. According to Akhilesh, Anisha was blackmailing Kairav by threatening to jump out if he broke the marriage, but she fell. Mahima claims she was just threatening. It’s a falsehood, according to Mahima. Harsh claims she had a wonderful heart, that she aspired to be an actress and moved to Mumbai, and that she would have notified us if she had an affair.

This tale, according to Parth, is implausible. Manish disagrees with them. He adds, “I don’t know why she did this; maybe that guy forced her to do it; maybe she was afraid you’d marry her to someone else.” Anand requests that he cease lying. Manish apologises, this is the truth, Anisha was doing something terrible, you had a problem kid, and your family didn’t listen to her. Manish gets slapped by Anand. Everyone is taken aback.

Anand exclaims, “How dare you!” Anand is stopped by Harsh. Kairav has been arrested, according to the inspector. They all see Kairav at the door, accompanied by the cops. Kairav questions Akshu and Manish on why they didn’t tell them the truth. He begs Manish to help him since he does not want to go to prison. Save Kairav, says Akshu, since we revealed the truth. Abhi apologises, saying, “I can’t believe this.” According to Akshu, this is correct. He claims that I will reveal the truth. Manish requests that Akhilesh contact the lawyer. Anand claims that we would not abandon your kid.

Abhi displays the picture and said, “This is the truth, it’s a painting by Kairav’s favourite painter, Anisha obtained this for Kairav as a wedding present, I’m not talking about money, but effort, she loved him, she phoned and utilised many sources.” Abhi asks, “I’ve seen you delivering letters and flowers; she used to pick out each flower; why did you make so great effort?” Akshu suggests hiding it. Abhi has had enough. He tosses the artwork and declares, “Enough!”

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