Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

Abhi opens the episode by assisting Akshu. I could have done this, she claims. Both of them dispute. He apologises before leaving. He requests that Nishta go assist Akshu. Why did he send Nishta to assist Akshu, wonders Manjiri, and is everything okay? Yes, he is constantly rushing, according to Shefali. Nishta claims that I like music and wish to pursue a career in it. She is asked by Akshu to remove her luggage. She hands over the Akshara Dance and Music Academy enrollment paperwork.

She advises getting everyone’s permission before enrolling at the school and that if you study with good intentions, it will be a different experience. She gets hugged and thanked by Nishta. According to Akshu, I had numerous close relationships in this home, including those with Manjiri, Neil, and Nishta. I’ll speak to Neil, Anand says. Neil appears. Anand claims that you have received a proposal. Neil is in awe. Abhi gives him a glance. Call from Aarohi to Neil He responds incorrectly. Neil is questioned by Anand and Parth on if he likes anybody in his life. Neil answers nobody. Akshu observes. Neil exits. Arohi sobs.

Manjiri considers Akshu and Abhi. She claims that something has changed. Everyone changes, according to Mahima, and when a change is negative, it has to be reversed. Manjiri is anxious. Neil predicts that if Aarohi learns about the partnership, she would get angry. He dials her. You seem happy, she adds, and your relationship is improving. I was going to inform you, he apologies. How can you conceal this, she queries. You believe I’ll wed someone else, he claims. My family wants to meet my boyfriend this week, she continues, so just tell them that you love me and want to marry me. There are allegedly fresh family problems. She continues, “Think about it; I can’t keep this from you.” Give me some time, he requests. She corrects him and tells him to move on.

She hangs up. What should I do now, he asks. Mahima said she is unsure about Nishta’s future plans but that she cannot be ignored. She grins as she observes Nishta filling out a form. Akshu reports that Neil remarked, “There will be more medication in Mahima’s room; I will go in.” Mahima chastises Nishta after being stunned by the shape. She queries the source of this form. Akshu searches for medications. On call, she is occupied. The email reaches her. Shirt and message from Abhi are lost. When Mahima arrives, she believes that if she had Kairav’s evidence, then… From Akshu, she keeps it hidden. What are you doing in my room, she queries. I came to acquire medication, according to Akshu. Shut up, how did you get into my room, you’re not our bahu, and how dare you offer Nishta professional advice while handing her this paperwork, demands Mahima. According to Akshu, she shown interest in music. Keep away from my daughter, advises Mahima, since Nishta is a Birla and Birlas are achievers.

We are all physicians, not mediocre singers. Sorry, Akshu replies, but you are pushing your goals down Nishta’s throat. Find out what she wants to accomplish instead; sometimes things are simpler when done voluntarily. Otherwise, a little thing might seem enormous. Mahima says there’s no need for interference in our situation; I’ll take care of it. No one likes to listen to other people’s opinions; if we had heard Anisha, Akshu wonders, she wouldn’t have done that action. Akshu receives a reprimand from Abhi. She is asked to apologise. Akshu counters with the statement, “Ask Mahima if she is willing to apologise to me. I realise her suffering, but I’m not sorry that I said, “There is no issue if Nishta wants to study music and dance. Already there is someone who abandoned his dream and he is sad. She claims that music permeates all things. She feels that music deserves some respect.

Abhi and Akshu go away. The clothing and paper are chosen by Mahima. She agrees with what you stated, saying that the noise is enough and that I can’t allow you remain in this home. Akshu isn’t answering the phone when Manish calls, he claims. Suwarna constantly texts and claims she’ll be busy. I don’t want her to go into any trouble, he claims. Akshu writes to Manish. I’m at a workshop right now; I’ll call you later. Abhi arrives. She asks, “Did you complete the deo bottle? I had the impression you acquired this stench, but I don’t want to stretch this out.” To converse, they sit. He acknowledges her efforts and praises her, but now… I’m not a member of this family, she claims.

He claims it was improper to inform Mahima about Anisha. She claims that jailing Kairav and Manish was improper. You came here for your mother, he adds; settle things down. She claims that because you filed for divorce and don’t mention balance, balance cannot possibly occur at this time. They clash. I don’t want your lectures all the time, she says. She is asked to return. I feel secure, and my family is better off without you, he claims. She claims that I should have come here for the sake of your family and not lied to my family. He requests that she go. I’m leaving now, she says. He queries what. I’m going right immediately, she says. She goes.

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