Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

Beginning with Abhi kidnapping Manjiri, the episode. The divorce papers are not visible to her. As per Dadi, good triumphs over evil. Are you certain that Akshu is in Jaipur, Aarohi asks Akhilesh. Manish inquires as to your meaning. I received a call, but Akshu isn’t there, she claims. Akshu is there; I just had a video chat with her, Dadi tells her as she stops her. She wonders what Dadi is concealing. Dadi is anxious. Both the Goenkas and the Birlas provide house prayers. Abhi lights the Raavan and shouts Siyavar. Parth thinks back to Kairav’s video. Raavan catches fire.

Mahima examines Abhi and Akshu. Aarohi writes to Neil. Manish buys her gulab jamun. He gets her thanks. He claims that you like someone, that Vansh and you were talking about it, that you would keep it a secret from me since I know everything, that your happiness is extremely important to your family, and that you should enjoy the sweets. Akshu considers Abhi. She is seen by Abhi as he enters his room. I didn’t know where to go, she continues, and Harsh is in the guest room since he remained over tonight. Nishta’s room just had one bed. It’s OK, you may sleep, replies Abhi. They recollect the previous incident. Akshu turns to face himself. Abhi envisions spending time with her as well.

Jaaniye….plays… It starts to ring. His creativity falters. He cuts the call off. I’m feeling drowsy, where should I go to bed, she adds. She is asked by Abhi to hang in the air or lay on the bed. Where will you sleep? she inquires. He claims there is no need for filmic drama since I will also sleep on the bed. Right, she asserts. Did you call me properly, he queries. She claims you’ll sleep now that you’ve been teased. They clash. She claims that you are aware of my AC issue.

He turns on the AC after saying, “I don’t know.” The woman grabs the remote. He returns it and observes the cells she is holding. On the bed, he leaps. She asks, “What are you saying?” and “Will you damage the bed?” This bed belongs to both of us and we haven’t yet filed for divorce. She settles into bed. He continues to squirm. Let me sleep, she replies; if you want to remain up like an owl, go ahead. She sings when she is upset. Chidiya udgai… You are singing this, okay, no issue, he adds. Along with consuming the food, he sings as well. She turns away and tries to fall asleep while covering her ears to block out his chewing noise. She leaves. Are you going for a morning stroll, he inquires. By phone, she places a pizza order.

Will you be having pizza tonight, he inquires. She claims that when I go to sleep, I eat it when I’m anxious. He claims that stress prevents me from sleeping and that I should eat pizza if I don’t. She claims you ought to have given your divorce filing more consideration. He says, “Same pinch,” adding, “You signed it yourself; I didn’t grasp your hand and make you do it.” Pizza, she adds, is on the way. She walks around and steps on a toy vehicle. She falls. I know you don’t see anybody, at least see the steps, Abhi adds as he cradles her in his arms. Leave me, she says, and let me fall. Your bones will shatter, she claims. Let it happen, she says. After leaving her. She suffers harm. He restrains her. Everyone shows up and queries what transpired. Manjiri claims that when I was dozing off, I awoke to the sound and said, “What happened? Are you both okay?” Yes, says Akshu. Abhi claims Shivu’s automobile overturned.

The doorbell chimes. Who arrived at this time, Shefali queries. I ordered pizza, according to Akshu. My hunger, according to Abhi. Manjiri notices Akshu’s trembling fingers. Neil looks over her hand. Manjiri queries how you wound up injured. Akshu claims I tripped and wounded myself. Abhi, according to Manjiri, you ought to have looked after her. Akshu is teased by Abhi. Abhi is asked by Neil to examine the swelling. It will be alright in a few days, says Abhi; relax. Abhi is asked to fix the bandage by Neil. Akshu says I’ll carry it out. Neil claims Abhi is a doctor and is well-versed in this. Aid is given and the bandage is tied by Abhi. It will hurt a bit, he claims. She claims, “I became accustomed; you do as you like.”

Abhi notices Akshu dozing off. He attends to her hand. Mujhpar ehsaan tera hoga… plays… Aarohi, did you inform that person we want to meet him, asks Suwarna. Yes, says Aarohi. Dadi enquires about the man. Vansh observes. She never does anything without planning, according to Manish, so he would be helpful. Yes, according to Aarohi, not many things should come as a surprise. Akshu requests Abhi’s assistance. Am I stupid to have said that? Thank God he’s not here, she thinks as she scans the area. Abhi arrives and observes. He moves to assist her in removing the dress’s back zipper. She says I’ll comply. He clings to her. Jaaniye….plays…

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