Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

Manjiri asks Abhi and Akshu to do the Dusshera puja jointly at the beginning of the episode. Now that everything is well and you two are reunited, would you do the puja? Please let me know. She frets. They assure her that they would do the pooja jointly and to not worry. Manjiri grinning. They leave. She claims that my mother will be OK in two to three days, so I may go. Hopefully, Abhi replies “yes.” Actually, she claims, Manish is unaware that I arrived here. Don’t worry, he says, and thanks for the favour. She claims that she came to fulfil her obligations and to be with her mother. She also claims that she would make a request. They both agree that there is no longer any love. Their bedroom is seen. Where is my guest room, she inquires. He navigates for her.

She enters the guest room and declares, “I have to stay here since I have never seen this room before.” Manish phones her and inquires as to her whereabouts. Few locations, according to her, do not become ours. Simply finish your task and return; today is Dusshera; if you believe positively, pleasant things will occur. She appreciates you and wishes you a pleasant Dusshera. Happy Dusshera, he says. He claims that I am now at peace. According to Aarohi, she reappears out of nowhere because she craves attention. Suwarna claims that we are at a loss as to what she is accepting. Dadi remembers what Akshu said. We will pray for the family today, she claims, adding that no rock has ever withstood as many storms.

Akshu asks whether I should give his mother the kada he created for her. Abhinav nods. She adds I want to say something because I find it unusual to be here as well. I know many people don’t feel comfortable, but if we can smile for mom’s sake, it will be simple for me. You are doing a lot for us, according to Harsh. Akshu is stopped, and Neil praises her. He claims, “You are family to me forever.” He gets her thanks. He is urged not to thank her. He continues, “Remember this, and know that I am always here for you.” She nods and walks away. Vansh inquires as to Aarohi’s grievance. She claims that only Akshu is concerned about me. Everyone is concerned about you, he adds, but they don’t know about Neil; calm down, he says; I’ll tell them about him.

She claims, “This is my life, will it rely on Akshu? I didn’t tell anybody. I love Manish, but I also love Neil, but I can’t post anything on social media about him due to Akshu’s problems.” Manish shows up and queries what transpired. She claims that Vansh won’t allow me make the arrangements I desire. Let her do, he says. Vand departs. She expresses gratitude to Manish. Love you a lot, he says. I love you the most, she says. Do what you think is correct, he advises. She leaves. He claims that you two weren’t fighting about Dusshera preparations, and he is concerned for Aarohi. Akshu and Mahima quarrel. Mark my words, Manjiri will evict you from this home once she learns of your frail relationship with Anisha, therefore I won’t let you remain here, she claims. Kuch toh log kahenge is sung by Akshu. Mahima becomes irate.

Aarohi and Neil had a video call. He hangs off the phone after apologising after seeing Akshu. She wonders what he was concealing. A call for Akshu comes to her. She claims that Akshu is in Jaipur. I’m sorry, I didn’t know, the guy says. She claims there is a problem. Neil and Shefali wish Akshu and Abhi nothing but happiness. Manjiri is made ready by Akshu. Abhi grinned and blocked their terrible vision. Seeing Akshu, Abhi. He congratulates Manjiri. The kajal dot is applied as he is holding Akshu’s face. Nishta and Neil appear.

Manjiri is invited by Neil. Manjiri is cared after by Abhi and Akshu. Akshu tells Abhi about the discomfort in her foot. She claims it’s OK but her heart hurts. They are all in aarti stance. In the Goenka puja, Manish and Suwarna do the aarti. Dadi believes they would still be doing the pooja there. Aarohi begs for her to visit the Birla home. Akshu and Abhi do the aarti. They get the diyas from Pandit, who instructs them to ignite it. The diyas are lit. Mahima leaves. There, she stores the divorce papers. Manjiri travels in her vehicle.

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