Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Armaan Disappoints Krish

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 9th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 9 June 2022 Written Episode on

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar Written Update

The episode begins when Diya tells her father he’ll be better shortly. “Good, according to Sudha. Armaan inquires as to whether CA came to sign the check. There is no doubt about it: Sudha has confirmed that he will be receiving the money, and she congratulates him on his bravery and generosity. Just bless me, he tells me we’re saving for the family. Sudha bestows his blessings on her.

If Krish’s business is successful, she expects him to settle down with her. A treatment for Brij is on Armaan’s to-do list. Saloni tries on Diya’s saree and wonders what Armaan finds attractive in the former model. The picture of him is all she can talk about. Diya makes her way upstairs.

Why are you folding the garments? she wonders. Saloni complains that you’re always too busy, so I figured I’d pitch in and ask how your father is. In Diya’s words, he is stable. Asked about the occasion, Saloni inquires. Diya credits your contribution to the success of the proposal with winning over the employer and the customer. I’ll go to Saloni’s if she wants me to.

Krish is on the phone with Palki. She tells me that her father is now well enough to go out. Thank you for coming into my life and helping me find a purpose in it. I promise to work hard to achieve my goals so that I may show someone how talented I am. She sends her best regards to him.

Bhavna is instructed by Madhu to approach Diya about making Shikanji. Bhavna claims to be resting. Sudha claims to have returned to India a long time ago. Madhu loses her cool. In the words of Sudha, “I’ll ask Ramkali to do it.” Diya, according to Madhu, must fulfil her responsibilities for Sasural as well. I know she wasn’t here this morning, but she should go check on the kitchen’s progress now, manage her, and I’ll return.

Bhavna agrees with Madhu. Shikanji is delivered to them by Diya. When Sudha inquires about dinner plans, I respond that I haven’t made any decisions yet. Diya confirms that everything is in order. She reports to the kitchen to begin her day’s work. Bhavna and Madhu caught Sudha’s eye. Sudha stares at them. Kirsh tells Armaan that he’s on his way, and that he’ll remind him of the promise of investment.

The commitment was remembered by Sudha, and the money would be delivered to CA shortly. According to him, Armaan is the best. “Yes, she says. Armaan is here, as promised. Thank you, Krish! Armaan inquires as to what I’ve done. Pramod receives the money and thinks it’s worth $25 million. Armaan hands Diya the money and tells her to ask the doctor to set a date for the operation. Everyone is in a state of disbelief.

Sudha inquires as to the significance of your gift to Diya. In Armaan’s words, the money is for Brij’s operation. Krish becomes agitated. Krish’s heart sank when Madhu told him that he was waiting for you to give him money for business and that you were spending money on others. Bhavna thinks you did a terrible thing by backtracking on your pledge to aid Krish with his company. Armaan is reminded of his vow.

Krish is being held by Armaan. After a few days or weeks, Madhu claims he will forget you as well. In Bhavna’s words, you gave Krish the optimism he needed. Armaan apologises to Krish, saying he was distracted by Brij.

According to Krish, the procedure for Uncle is more important. He waits for Diya, she tells him. She tells Diya that Saloni will take care of Krish, and Diya backs down. Palki’s call is ignored by Krish, who is enraged. Saloni says she doesn’t know what to tell you because the issue is so significant, but she does want to let you know that Armaan will never do anything to harm you because you know him so well. He is uplifted by her presence.

Sudha claims that you didn’t even think about alerting her of your intentions. This is what Armaan told me. She asks whether CA will talk to her because he’s been so busy that he won’t. Madhu chastises him. As Diya sees others misinterpret Armaan, she is concerned about his well-being. Things are changing, Madhu tells me. He promises to get Krish the money he needs; this is Brij’s final opportunity. As long as you leave me alone, I’ll be good with it. She’s off!


Armaan claims he’ll get you the money you need. Sudha claims that I’ll shatter FDs. My business partner stated to me that Armaan is correct and I am correct, therefore I don’t need money. Sudha enquires as to the identity of the subject. Smiling broadly, Saloni arrives.

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