Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Diya Thrashes Rocky

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 8th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 8 June 2022 Written Episode on

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar Written Update

Rocky slaps his goon near the beginning of the episode, which sets the tone for the entire episode. Everything he’s ever done, he remembers. In order to find out more about Armaan, he asks the goon to do so. He claims I’ll sabotage them.

The doctor sits down with Anju and Diya. You can begin therapy as soon as Diya tells you to. She assures Anju not to be alarmed. In her words, Armaan and I will take care of all the issues. She wraps her arms around Anju and kisses him on the cheek. While Madhu and Sudha eat their meals, Saloni takes care of serving them. Saloni is a favourite of Madhu’s.

Sudha claims that Diya had no choice but to go in search of her father. Krish tells Armaan that he has a concept for a business that would succeed, and Armaan says he will invest in it. Sudha is overjoyed by the news.

Pramod comes to her to collect her signature on the check. ‘” She assumes Krish’s business will benefit from the funds. She has signed the check. Kids learn from Brij. He loses his bearings and wanders away from the task at hand.

Armaan, Diya, and Palki all enrol in the class as regular students. Brij invites them to join him. Armaan cracks a joke at the group’s expense. On the other hand, they are taught by Brij.

Everybody’s dancing and having fun. Diya gives Armaan a bear embrace. She tells Palki to be strong and to contact Armaan or her for assistance if she needs it; dad will recover quickly. Palki expresses her gratitude to Armaan.

He wants a reward. In order for her to accept your invitation, however, she insists that you pay for the trip. He declares that he is finished. Armaan and Diya had left the building. Palki gets into a fight with Rocky. He invites her along.

Palki lifts a hand in the air. He puts his hand on hers. She tells him to stop touching her. Pandit, Mahurat, and Mandap are all waiting for her when he says she should arrive. Rocky is slapped by Diya, who then runs away.

He robs her while holding a knife to her throat. Rocky is struck by Diya. He is knocked to the ground. He believes I can manage a woman. In Diya’s words, Palki will be forced to marry you, and I’ll teach you a lesson. Using their slippers, Diya and Palki defeated Rocky.

Diya accuses you of trying to take advantage of my father’s condition. Angry, Palki lets it all out. There are bike keys in Rocky’s pocket. Diya demonstrates how to use the key. Diya challenges the audience to defeat Rocky and demonstrate to him that a woman can overcome any obstacle if she loses her patience. Rocky is beaten by the ladies.

Rocky expresses his regrets. In Diya’s words, if you respect a woman as a human being and not just your own ego, then you should go. He gets the keys from her. He’s off. ‘Never be frightened,’ Diya exhorts Palki, and she does just that.

Everyone looks at each other and nods. Who is it that came here to get our phone? Armaan inquires. Diya is on board. There will be a lot of stress for the family if Palki tells them anything. A stapler is what Saloni is looking for.

The moment she sets eyes on Armaan’s attire, she bursts into tears. It is Ramkali’s turn to help.In response to Saloni’s request, she leaves. She cracks a smile as she recalls Armaan.


Diya receives the money from Armaan. His companion, Sudha Argus, chimes in to remark that things are different now.

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