Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 27th May 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 27 May 2022 Written Episode on

The episode begins with Arman apologizing and saying that we will leave now. Burj says okay, Madhu is hurt. Arman asks Krishna to take Madhu. He says I will go and put the envelope on the table, I refused but still he gave it to me. He goes inside. She overheard Anju talking to a doctor about Cancer. Anju turns and looks at him. He is shocked.

She says, “Promise me you won’t tell Diya.” He asks how I can hide such a big thing. She says that Diya loves her father very much, how will she handle herself. She tells him to swear. He swears He says you are handling this big issue alone, I want you to promise me, you will never hide anything from me, I am with you in every struggle, I will come to the doctor with you. Will She says no, you are the son-in-law. He says you call me your son and then son-in-law, I am your son. They cry He says don’t hide anything, we will fix the tower. He hugs her and comforts her.

At home, Dia talks to Anju and Bridge over a video call. Dia asked Anju to come up with healthy recipes. Bridges says I will run with the children of Jhanvi, and at the wedding of Palki, and teach your children football. He coughs. Anju got upset. Dia ended the call. She asks Arman why he looks so upset like Anju. He says nothing, he refuses to take the envelope.

“I love my dad so much, I can’t live without him, he’s my hero,” she says. They fall asleep. Arman wakes up and goes in search of a cure for cancer. He gets a call from Anju. She asks, “Did you doubt it? Did you tell her?” He says no, I will come to see the doctor tomorrow. He thanks her. Diya woke up. She sees the laptop open. Arman stopped him. He says I have an amp meeting tomorrow, all right, come on, go to sleep. He is worried.

In the morning Arman and Anju come to see the doctor. He says how long will I hide this from Diya? Anju says she is worried about her job, she can’t stand it. “We will show the reports and talk to the doctor first,” he said. The doctor comes. Arman shows reports. Arman asks about the treatment of the bridge, do they have time?

The doctor says I’m sorry, Burj doesn’t have much time, his illness is affecting his body. Arman asks about another treatment. The doctor says he should not be stressed, he should be calm, he should be happy. Anju hugs him and cries. Pawan comes there with his friend. He sees Arman with Anju. He calls them out.

They’re gone. Dia massages Madhu’s hair. That’s it. Madhu says my husband does not tell everything, he hides a lot of things, I have to ask him and find out things, whether Arman tells you everything or not. Diya says Arman and I share everything. Madhu asked what he was saying about me.

Diya says you are like her mother. Madhu is happy and gives him omens. “My mother-in-law even gave me a shagun when I first put oil in her hair. I will tell Sudha that you have done all the work well,” she says. Dia thanked.

Bhoona comes and asks Diya, “Everything is fine. Why did Arman and Anju go to the hospital?” Diya asked? Bhoona says that Pawan saw Arman and Anju in the hospital, he called them, they didn’t hear, you said Arman doesn’t hide anything, didn’t he tell you? Madhu says Anju should have told you. Arman comes. Diya asked where did they go? He says office, then coffee shop for meeting. Diya says you went to the hospital, you are lying. He worries,

Precap: Roast says your daddy, nothing will happen to him, your daddy is suffering from blood cancer, it’s the last stage. Diya was shocked.