Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 26th May 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 26 May 2022 Written Episode on

The episode begins with Diya saying that I will not leave my family. Madhu says we will go inside and sit in the AC. The bridge told him to come. Madhu sat down. Burj asked Anju to bring torture. Palki gets juice for everyone. Madhu says there is only one fan here. She sees Krish with the palanquin.

Burj says Arman you took time to come. Madhu says it took time for Krish to get ready. “I wanted to look my best while competing with you,” says Krish. Madhu asked her to sit down. Madhu asked Burj why he was sick so often. He says it’s because of old age.

He writes poetry. Arman says it’s cute. Anju says I will come now. Is also given. Arman asked Burj to sit down. The light goes out. Madhu says now the light is gone, it is very hot here. Bhawana asks to buy AC from Bridge. Arman looked at Bhoona. “I mean, it will relieve the bridge, you can get it on EMI,” she says.

He says I will take the fan. Arman says okay, you remember we had a candle light dinner. “Yes, it was fun,” says Bridge. Anju gets candles. Arman and Diya lit candles. He gets close to it. She goes to everyone.

Arman opens the window. Madhu’s fans are blowing themselves with a paper fan in his hand. Dia takes the money and reminds Arman about her aunt Shalo’s financial problems, how Sodha hid the money and did not hurt Shalo’s honor. FB over.

Diya says this is my savings, you have every right. Diya takes a box of flour. He gets reports. Anju comes and stops him. Diya says I have come to light a candle. Anju told him to go out. Diya asked why are you upset? She pays. Anju says we are not so weak.

Dia says my parents will always be strong. Anju refused to help. Diya says I feel bad for you. Anju says you have taken care of us before, now take care of your in-laws, we will be happy. Anju hugged him. Dia thinks her mother is hiding something. Madhu likes mangoes. “I got it especially for you,” says Burj.

Arman asked Diya to sit down. He says nothing will happen to the bridge, we will take care of it. He feeds Diya. Madhu’s phone rings. Arman laughed at Krish’s jokes on the covered ring tone. Madhu says that I had applied Aarti’s ring tone. She gets a call from her friend.

She asks Jijaji is suffering from blood cancer. Anju and Burj were shocked. Anju asks that there is no cure for cancer. Diya is worried. Madhu says let me talk. Anju takes care of the bridge. Dia thinks Anju is hiding something from me. She goes to check the papers. It is not found in flour cans. Madhu went out to talk. Some people see the purse in his hand and try to snatch it.

Madhu stops them and kills them. They run Everyone goes out and sees Madhu. They all help Madhu. Diya says we will take her to the doctor. Madhu says no one came to help me, the thugs were trying to snatch the purse. Neighbors argue. Diya says that was not the case. Madhu says I don’t want to go to the hospital, take me home, I will never come to this house and neighborhood. She cries

Precap: Anju asked, “Will the bridge be fixed?” The doctor told her to come to the hospital. Anju saw Arman at the door. She says you won’t tell Diya, swear to me. Arman swears.