Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 1st June 2022 Written Update Episode

Diya Thanks Saloni

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 1st June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 1 June 2022 Written Episode on

Sudha hugs Diya and apologises, saying, “I’m so sorry, Armaan just informed me, how is Brij now?” She wants to see him, but Armaan says no one knows about it that we know. Diya assures me that he is OK. Sudha says, “I’m just like your mother.” She adds, “Don’t worry, your father will be alright.”

She gives Diya a hug. Saloni offers Diya a hug and prasad. She says, “I’m not a doctor, but I know a tight hug relieves tension.” She goes on to say, “I’m the one who always wanted Sudha’s Rajma chawal,” “I’m the one who taught Bhavna before her exams,” “I’m the one who saved Krish from a teacher and mother’s beating,” “I’m the one who has Armaan’s funny pictures,” and “I’m the one who was excited to meet Sudha claims to be Saloni, the daughter of one of my closest friends and a childhood friend of theirs. Diya extends her greetings.

Armaan inquires about his father’s health. Diya smiles and nods. Saloni inquires, “Will you be my friend?” Diya is forced to wear the friendship band by her. She explains that since this sickness took my Nanu, she would recite Maha Mrityunjay jaap for your father and hope that he recovers. Diya expresses her gratitude by hugging her. Anju is informed about the therapy by the doctor.

Anju requests that he do it in order to rescue Brij. He claims that the issue is the cost, which would be in the range of 20-25 lakhs. She claims that’s a large sum, and she doesn’t know how I’ll acquire it. Diya wraps her arms around the journal. Armaan approaches her and requests that she share the difficulties. She explains, “Dad is going to take tuitions from home to earn money; he sacrificed so much for us, and I want to make every minute of his life joyful.” Brij’s journal is sown by her. He mentions a bucket list.

She nods and explains that he was busy fulfilling our aspirations, and now it’s my duty to do the same for him. He claims that we will fulfil his ambitions and make him happy to the point that he forgets about his sickness, and that we will procure him the greatest therapy possible. He embraces her. Anju is lost on the road and considers how she would get money.

She says, “Who should I call,” “Armaan,” “No, it won’t be appropriate to take money from Diya’s Sasural,” “How will I acquire such a large sum?” On the bike, just a few men arrive. A man gets off his bike and approaches her. He claims Brij used to teach him arithmetic, that I burned the crackers beneath the chair, that he suspended me, that he told him I would become a zero, that he should tell him that he is now a hero, that he has a company, and that he lends money to others on interest. He hands the leaflet to her. He adds if you need a loan, notify me and you may pay me two percent less interest. He goes out and advertises his company.

The aarti is sung by Saloni. Diya is singing the aarti, according to Bhavna. Her slumber is interrupted. Sudha claims Diya has gained a lot of knowledge while I was abroad. Madhu claims she has never done aarti before. They’ve all shown up. Sudha remarks, “I had no idea you could sing aarti so effectively.” Saloni takes a step back and looks at them. Madhu claims Diya did not show up. Saloni believes that the blessings of the Lord and the elders are always required. Sudha bestows blessings to her. Armaan and Diya enter the room. Diya claims that we were late. He claims you stayed up till 4 p.m. Everyone receives the aarti from Saloni.

Madhu, according to Krish, sings bhajans very well. Krish compliments her. Saloni thinks she’s attractive. They press Madhu to perform a song. If you insist, Madhu responds alright, I’ll perform a traditional bhajan. Sure, replies Bhavna. Madhu performs a song. Sudha keeps her head down. Everyone, even Krish, laughs. Saloni exclaims, “Wow, you sing so well.” Sudha expresses herself well. Everyone receives prasad from Saloni. We used to eat prasad a lot as kids, according to Krish. She claims that this will no longer be tolerated. Anju prays and says, “You showed me how to get treatment, but now show me how to get the money.”

She sobs. Brij and Palki have arrived to do the pooja. Anju does the aarti for them. You neglected to offer me prasad, according to Palki. She is the one who distributes the prasad. Rocky’s remarks resurface in Anju’s mind. Palki has matured as she adds, “I’m thinking about what to cook for breakfast.” Take this prasad and blessing for your father, Saloni says. Diya accepts it and expresses gratitude to Saloni. Krish is signed by Armaan. They give Saloni a little of their prasad and hold her. That’s my family, Saloni says. Diya grins and nods. She says a prayer.

Saloni lends a hand to Armaan. She staggers over to Armaan. By accident, the Pandit blesses their jodi. Diya observes.

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