Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 11th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Sudha Wants Armaan And Diya’s Baby

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 11th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 11 June 2022 Written Episode on

Diya begins the episode by alerting everyone about Brij. Everyone sits down to eat. Saloni begins to cough. Diya offers her some water. Sudha observes. She inquires of Diya, “What did you do?” “This water was only for you,” she says, “and you pay heed to my words.” Madhu claims that we had offered you the coconut water since it was unique.

Armaan inquires, “What coconut, what water, why are you reacting so strongly?” Sudha claims it was prasad, which you will not comprehend. Saloni apologises, saying that she coughed and drank the water. Sudha claims it was important, and Diya should pay attention to my comments from now on. Diya is irritated. Palki’s internet petition for Brij is checked by Diya. She sobs.

Armaan approaches her and gives her a hug. Is your mother’s remark bothering you? She declines. He responds, “Good,” and asks whether you’ve had a blood test. Yes, I gave a sample to see whether my bone marrow matched, and we’re looking for a donor for Brij. He claims that I shall be tested tomorrow as well. Diya claims that the doctor warned her about the dangers. When he receives a call, he responds, “It’s an urgent call; I’ll quickly come.”

He leaves. Sudha claims I’m suffering from a headache. Everyone receives tea and milk, thanks to Saloni. Madhu advises her to take a break. Saloni says she’s going to get Krish some coffee. Bhavna suggests Diya do it, but she’s busy at work, and Maayka, Saloni, is a visitor who takes care of everything. Madhu agrees with you. Sudha adds, “I also hope Armaan has a kid soon.” Madhu says we’ll conduct kirtan in the morning, and if Laddoo Gopal blesses us, we’ll have a kid soon. Saloni and Krish are working on his project together.

Armaan grins when he sees them. He double-checks the project as well. Finally, he says, you turned your passion into a career. Saloni beams when she sees Armaan. Krish inquires about Saloni’s laptop password. She mulls over how to utter Armaan’s name. Krish is tasked with retrieving the laptop charger. She types in her password. Krish connects the charger to the wall.

Diya is asked to sleep by Armaan. I’m reading about bone marrow, Diya explains. He claims that the doctor is providing us the correct information and that we should not read anything. She claims that because the doctor stated that the donor may pose certain dangers, I must accept the risk if my sample matches.

She notices that he has already fallen asleep. The kirtan preparations are done by Madhu and Sudha. Sudha extends an invitation to the visitors. Saloni enters the room and greets you. Madhu claims that we held a kirtan today. Saloni, according to Sudha, is Kanha’s biggest fan. Bhavna, Diya, and Armaan are among the newcomers.

They’re all praying in the kirtan. Sudha hopes to welcome a baby into the family as soon as possible. Armaan, I preserved this kirtan for you and Diya, give us good news soon, a baby should come home soon, she adds as she hands the Bal Gopal to Diya. Saloni becomes depressed. Sudha requests that everyone remember Armaan and Diya in their prayers. She adds the next kirtan would be held at Diya’s godh bharai. Diya beams. Armaan grins as he clutches her hand.


Doctor replies, “I’ve read your records, you have fibroids, and if you have a lot of blood loss, you might have pregnancy difficulties.” Armaan and Diya are concerned.

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