Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 10th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Saloni Funds Krish’s Startup

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 10th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 10 June 2022 Written Episode on

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar Written Update

To get the money to Sudha, Diya tells Armaan that they need to do so first. As a matter of fact, I do not wish to receive a dime of the money that is designed to help Krish realise his ambition of becoming a doctor. We can’t put off Brij’s treatment any longer, so Armaan says, “No, give the money to Anju.” I’ll take care of Krish’s business and talk to him. He’s off. Sudha’s enraged and remembers what Madhu said.

Armaan has come to express his regrets. Isn’t it going to make you feel horrible if you don’t tell me what’s going on? It’s not about Brij; we need to assist him. Yes, Armaan acknowledges, he does. She inquires about Krish’s well-being. Armaan emerges from the shadows. In the opinion of Diya, I cannot harm Sudha or Krish. As Brij and Armaan have less time for the operation, and Anju has less money, please ask Anju to pay Dr. Sood the money, as Armaan has asked her to do.

The money bag is what he gives her. Anju and Diya go to see a physician. According to the doctor, he sent Brij’s case to me. So, Anju asks him to set a date for the operation. Diya is the one who hands over the cash. The doctor believes the most difficult part is still ahead: raising the funds and finding the proper donor. The donor’s bone marrow must match his, and he or she must be willing to take on the danger. Anju wonders how we’ll find a benefactor for the project.

This upsets Krish. Armaan is here, as promised. His response is that he understands your dissatisfaction and that he has made good on his commitment to arrange the finances. Please bear with him and give him some time to make good on his word. FDs have been broken and you may now invest in the start-up, Saloni said. Armaan inquires as to the reason behind this.

Krish claims that I don’t know how much money Armaan and I have, but someone explained to me that they are correct. As Diya stated, Armaan claims that he already knew. My business colleague told me this, and Krish disagrees. Sudha inquires as to who. Saloni greets you with a smile. It is Diya’s suggestion that I do my tests, and I will also consult Palki about the possibility of a bone marrow match with my father.

According to the doctor, Brij’s siblings may have assisted. Anju asks to collect some samples of my bone marrow. It doesn’t match, according to him. Take my samples, Diya says. I’m sure you’ll show up.

What Sudha wants to know is when and how Krish can answer her. Saloni, according to Krish, plans to invest in my start-up. Saloni tells me that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and I must seize it; he’s working hard and with enthusiasm, and I can see my investment double. Armaan claims one thing, but Saloni… That’s what she claims, but I don’t believe her.

Why did you make this decision without consulting me or your mom? We can all agree that Sudha’s claim that Saloni is like family is true, and she has shown it by helping Krish out. Armaan wishes Armaan well and congratulates her on her success.

Sudha tells me she’s proud of you, so thank you for that. Saloni gets an embrace from her. In order to finish the salad, Palki asks Brij. The last thing he wants you to do is to ask Diya if she’ll be returning home. Diya is the one who donates the blood. Anju checks in to see whether you’re okay. Diya affirms her agreement. Palki is on the phone with Diya. She inquires as to whether or not you’ll be returning home.

The doctor is scrambling to get a suitable organ donor and we are running out of time, so Diya says no, Anju will come. Palki steps away to have a private conversation. She’s nervous. Our only option is to go public and seek aid, Diya tells us. In Palki’s words, we’ll have a donor in no time. Do not inform your father about Diya’s advice.

When Anju arrives, Diya is expected to return to her home. “Fine,” Brij responds. “Wasn’t that about the donor?” Nail polish toner, she says. He chuckles and promises that he will uncover the truth. Madhu tries to crack open the coconut with his bare hands. Bhavna claims this slab will shatter in this direction. To Madhu’s surprise, she agrees. As far as Bhavna is concerned, I can’t go through with it.

The coconut is smashed by Madhu. He damages Sudha’s head as he flies. Concerned: Madhu goes into hiding. Bhavna inquires about your well-being. Sudha says you may come out, although she’s a little bruised. There is a bloom within the coconut, which indicates good news for the family, so Diya will be able to stay at home. It’s fantastic news, according to Sudha, that a baby is on the way. Bhavna tells me that a play area will be built for the infant as soon as we can. Madhu requests that she speak with Diya on her behalf. Sudha’s face lights up with a grin.

Sudha invites Diya to eat with her. After supper, she offers her a glass of water and instructs her to drink it. What about Dad? Saloni inquires. A donor is urgently needed for Diya’s bone marrow transplant, so she’s looking for one. Diya considers telling Armaan that she too provided a sample and subsequently informing the rest of her family.


For the sake of you and Diya, Sudha says she saved the kirtan for us. The sample provided by Diya is an exact match. The doctor warns that if she has a child within a year of the procedure, it might put her life in jeopardy.

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