Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Preesha Fails To Find GPS At Revati’s House

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 9 June 2022 Written Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Rudra assures Revati that Preesha and him are inseparable and that she has no need to be concerned. He tells her to stay put and not to think about leaving. Even if Preesha wants her to go, Revati swears she’ll stay until the baby is born.

Afraid that she’ll get Preesha into trouble by putting pressure on her, she decides to harass the poor girl. As a result, Preesha receives an incorrect call from a man named Rahul. He asks Rahul to tell Preesha that Revati has locked her up in a residence, and to track him down using this telephone. He offers Preesha’s phone number.

He dials Preesha’s landline phone and informs her about GPS’s kidnapping by Revati and the location that he traced. As soon as she realised it was Revati’s residence, she asked him to accompany her and her family to Revati’s house to tell them that her father had been kidnapped.

He claims he’s fine with sharing the truth, but that they should first notify the authorities. The police won’t aid Preesha since Revati is a police commissioner, Preesha explains.

In the meantime, Rudraksh catches up with Preesha and informs her that they’ll be late for class. As soon as he tells her they need to go somewhere else, she insists on going along. Then she hangs up the phone and tells Sharda to fetch Revati to her place.

Sharda tells Revati to come along with her. Having reached Revati’s residence, Preesha and her companion Rudraksh attempt to smash the door open.

Rudraksh inquires as to why she brought him to this particular location. Revati and Sharda are next. When Preesha insists, Revati opens the door and asks what’s going on. Preesha explores the home, but GPS is nowhere to be found. She discovers a locked storage chamber and commands Revati to get the key out of it. She claims that Revati kept GPS in the storeroom, but she can’t locate it.

Revati is protected by Rudraksh and Sharda. As a result of the GPS change, Preesha wants Revati to follow her. Preesha is dragged from the scene by Rudraksh, who tells her to cease the commotion.

Preesha’s mother, Sharda, apologises to Revati on her behalf. Preesha is warned by Rudraksh not to act strangely when pregnant. It was clear that Preesha GPS was adamant. Revati confronts her, inquiring as to who had informed her that GPS had been abducted.

The GPS calls Rahul and gives him this position, which Preesha learns from him. She dials Rahul’s number. When Rahul’s buddy, GPS, calls to say that he’s travelling to Madurai to visit his father, GPS lies. Preesha is surprised to find him and Rahul lying.

Rahul uses a video call to communicate with his father. When GPS answers the phone, he informs the caller that he has arrived in Madurai and is now in fie. He hangs up the phone. Preesha is perplexed as to how GPS is still in Madurai and acting as if nothing happened.

Why would Revati kidnap GPS if she wants Preesha to trust her? He is advised to take Preesha home by her mother, Rudraksh. Revati Preesha receives an apology from Rudraksh, who then proceeds to pick up Preesha.

Sharda follows in their wake. Revati and Rahul chuckle and remark that Preesha doesn’t know what’s going on. Rahul gets a lot of appreciation from her. Rahul has departed.

Revati instructs his henchmen to detonate a bomb in front of Preesha in order to kill her. It is at a temple when Armaan spots Preesha, who is wailing. Inquiring about Arman’s plans against Revati, Preesha asks Armaan’s chachaji about it. Arman is on board.

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