Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Preesha claims that it is her past

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Sharda informs Rudra that Matarani want to see Preesha soon. Rudra believes she is correct. Saransh claims that they are all living happily ever after. Preesha overhears Pihu humming a melody and inquires whether it is a new song. Pihu says, uneasily, that Raj wrote it. Preesha wonders how she knows. Pihu claims that she and Raj are working on a song together and that she is worried that Preesha would be upset because Raj is from Rudra’s family.

Preesha claims that it is her past, and that just because one family member is terrible does not imply that the entire family is bad; Raj is a decent lad who went against his brother for Pihu, and she would feel good if Pihu befriended him. Pihu praises her and says she expected to be upset after hearing that. Preesha claims that Saransh and Roohi are Rudra’s children, and she adores them, therefore Pihu should relax and enjoy her work. Pihu gives her a hug and tells her she’s the finest.

Roohi and Saransh leave Rudra outside Preesha’s house and wish him well. Rudra moves normally for a young man. Roohi calls him and tells him that he is an elderly gardener and should behave accordingly. He walks slowly and coughs. Roohi claims he is exaggerating and fears being caught on the first day. Saransh is optimistic about Rudra. Rudra presses the doorbell. Preesha knocks and greets him as Kakaji/uncle. Rudra inquires as to why she refers to him as Kakaji. Preesha claims he’s ancient, therefore she’s allowed to call him Kakaji. Rudra claims he is old in years but young in spirit, so she can call him Prem. Okay, Prem ji, she says. He only says Prem. She invites him to enter and sit till Kanchan shows him the servant quarters. He attempts to sit on the floor. She invites him to have a seat on a sofa.

Kanchan approaches him. He claims he arrived at the proper moment. Kanchan believes that now is the moment to respect time, and she should show him quarters. He wonders why so soon and, addressing Preesha as Biwi ji/wife, requests that she fetch him some water. Preesha inquires as to what he said. He claims to have uttered Bibi ji since owners are referred to similarly. She offers him some water. While taking the water glass, he touches her. The song Maine Tera Naam Dil Rakhdiya… is playing in the background. He believes she will notice his presence shortly.

At college, the teacher asks Pihu and Raj to write a song and perform it in an intercollege competition. Everyone wishes Pihu and Raj the best. Pihu and Raj are ecstatic and agree that they must work hard for the tournament. Vicky approaches Raj and attempts to humiliate and make him feel bad for his friendship with Pihu, who got Vicky incarcerated. Raj claims that Rudra taught him to respect women and that he understands Vicky was wrong, and that he advised accepting Pihu’s friendship so Vicky wouldn’t disturb them.

Kanchan departs after showing Rudra/Prem the servant portion. Roohi dials Rudra’s number. Rudra thinks it’s a good thing she phoned since he can’t sleep on a rough bed. Roohi tells him that when he visited her, she had him sleep on a cot and encourages him to focus only on recovering Preesha’s memories and bringing her back home. Kanchan dials Prem’s number. Rudra approaches him. Kanchan requests that he sow some more plants. He refers to her as chachiji/aunty. She claims to be younger than him. He claims she is in a higher position than him.

She concurs. He digs the dirt and panics when he sees earthworms. She chuckles and remarks that as a gardener, he should be aware that earthworms are beneficial to soil fertilisation. He is now considering how to seed a plant. She sits on a neighbouring bench. Preesha joins her and inquires about the gardener’s performance. Kanchan adds, “Let’s see what happens.” Rudra fantasises of romancing Preesha. Maine The song Tera Naam Dil Rakh Diya…. is playing in the background. Kanchan compliments Rudra on his work.

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