Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Rudra Is Rejected In A Job Interview?

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Roohi gives her father Rudra a hug and expresses her affection for him. She then insists on his learning to cultivate and employs a gardener to teach him. The gardener shows him how to plant and water plants. The song Golmaal Golmaal… is playing in the background. Roohi and Saransh embrace him and tell him he’s going to be a maali/gardener father. Rudra claims he went from rocker to gardening celebrity.

Pihu and Raj are paired up for a signing project by their college instructor. Raj returns Pihu’s tiffin and says the laddus were delicious. Pihu adds she’s not sure when SIL would cook laddus again and that if he doesn’t like their matching, she’ll ask the instructor to replace hers. Raj claims he has no issues since someone once warned him not to waste a chance at friendship. Pihu remembers saying the same thing and wonders who said it. Raj remembers Rudra saying something similar. Pihu requests that he accept her name as she said. He describes her as mature and kind-hearted, and believes they would make an excellent couple. Pihu agrees and shakes his hand.

Rudra arrives to Preesha’s house dressed as an elderly gardener and is taken aback to discover Kanchan questioning a group of gardeners. He is concerned and claims that he cannot win over true gardeners. Roohi encourages him, saying that he, too, has learned to plant. Pihu fails to sing and coordinate with Raj during song practise, admits she is a toilet singer, and enrols in music class for Raj. Raj teaches her how to sing.

Rudra conducts an interview. Kanchan refuses to employ him since he seems to be quite elderly. He claims that he must work in order to feed his family. She asks whether he can take good care of her garden. He claims to have done this his whole life. She requests that he display his abilities. Pihu instructs him to raise the thing cautiously, as if he were an elderly man. He takes his time selecting tools. Kanchan requests that he fertilise a cactus plant. Rudra recalls a gardener telling him not to fertilise cactus plants and to water them just once every 3-4 days. He repeats himself. Kanchan requests permission to grow a rose plant. Another interviewee confirms that she can, and that he would bring rose bushes from a nursery. Rudra says she shouldn’t since roses bloom in October and November. Kanachan then asks which flower she should plant. He claims he has no idea. Roohi approaches Gardner and tells him to speak marigold flowers. Kanchan loves his concept.

Kanchan refuses to employ him because he is too elderly. Rudra becomes tense. Kanchan says she wants to say that, but she’s employing the elderly guy because of his expertise. Rudra praises her and believes he is the one who done it. Preesha approaches Kanchan and inquires as to why she engaged such an elderly gardener. Kanchan claims to be an expert and invites Rudra to see him the next day. Rudra says he can’t go for 5 hours every day, therefore she may provide him servant quarters. Kanchan accepts and invites him to return the next day with his stuff. Rudra accepts and goes home. Sharda inquires as to whether or not he has a job. Rudra builds suspense at first, then declares that he has it. Sharda praises God and wishes Rudra luck with his mission.

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