Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Roohi And Saransh Train Rudraksh

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Preesha enters the restroom by opening the door. MK becomes concerned that Rudra will be apprehended. Rudra escapes through a time window and walks to the street, where he encounters Armaan. He tries to conceal himself, but then realises he has done makeup and decides to see if Armaan will recognise him. He wraps a car body cover around himself and walks past Armaan. Armaan intervenes. Rudra wonders if Armaan recognised him.

Armaan claims he dropped his kerchief and hands it back to him. Rudra, with a changed voice, says that in his age, one cannot remember their name, let alone their kerchief. Armaan walks away, saying he thought he dropped it. Armaan unwinds. In their car, Roohi, Saransh, and Vanshika return. Rudra tells them that Armaan didn’t recognise him in his gardener outfit. According to Roohi, their idea became a superhit, and even staying at Armaan’s house would be a superhit. Vanshika advises them to flee before Armaan and Preesha notice them.

Rudra tells his children to go to bed because he needs to visit Armaan’s house as a gardener the next day. Roohi claims they will not sleep the entire night and will teach him the ways of an old gardener. Rudra claims he easily duped Armaan. Roohi claims he requires training. They look up old gardener videos on YouTube and ask Rudra to walk like him. Rudra walks with grace. Roohi instructs him. The song Golmaal Golmaal… is playing in the background. Rudra says he’s tired and needs to sleep. Roohi and Saransh tell him he needs to learn how to plant trees and show him videos. They fall asleep while watching videos.

Rudra arrives at Armaan’s house the next morning and notices Preesha attempting to sow a plant. He teaches her how to hold her hand. The song Tera Naam Dil Rakhdiya… is playing in the background. Preesha remarks that he appears to enjoy his work, which is why Kanchan hired him as a gardener. Plants, according to Rudra, are like relationships and must be grown with love. His beard is falling out. Preesha panics and yells, “Why did he come here?” and orders him to leave.

Rudra begs him not to do so because he and his children adore her. She shoves him and collapses, yelling. Rudra awakens from his slumber and realises it was all a nightmare. Roohi says it’s good that he got up early to finish his training. Rudra says he can’t do it because he had a nightmare about Preesha having a panic attack when she saw him. Roohi consoles him and promises to bring Preesha’s memory back to life. He gives her an emotional hug.

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