Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Rudraksh Transforms Himself Into A Gardener

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Kanchan and Preesha hurry to Pihu after hearing her yell. Pihu’s face is covered with rahes. Preesha wonders how that happened. Pihu claims to have used a new cream. Jahnvi wonders whether the rashes will go away. Preesha assures her that it is an allergic response and that she would be given allergy medication to remove her rashes by tomorrow.

Pihu claims she has a college party tomorrow morning and will be bullied if she does not go. Kanchan claims to know MK of MK Makeup Studio, a well-known and accomplished makeup artist who will apply her makeup and conceal her rashes. Preesha advises Pihu to go for it till her rashes clear up with allergy medication by tomorrow evening. Pihu concurs.

When the driver receives a call from his wife inviting him to come home to celebrate his daughter’s birthday, he declines, stating that he must attend duty. Kanchan approaches him with Preesha and Pihu, asking diver to take them to MK cosmetics studio. Preesha requests that drive return home to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. Driver hesitates but complies at Preesha’s request. Preesha informs Kanchan that they will take a taxi and request that Armaan pick them up on their way home. Kanchan concurs.

MK is surprised to discover musician Rudarksh Khurana in his studio and inquires whether he came for cosmetics for his upcoming show. Roohi expresses her desire for him to carry through Rudra’s transformation into a gardener. Vanshika explains it to him. MK experiments with several appearances on Rudra. Roohi, Saransh, and Vanshika go for an elderly gardener with long hair and a beard. Rudra is unable to identify himself.

MK puts the finishing touches and asks them to fetch Rudra gardener’s clothing. They all leave the studio to fetch Rudra clothing. Rudra declares that he has to pee and runs to the restroom. Kanchan enters the studio next, accompanied by Preesha and Pihu, and requests that MK conceal Pihu’s rashes with cosmetics since she has to attend a party. MK thinks Pihu would appear more gorgeous with cosmetics and begins doing her makeup.

Preesha receives a call from Armaan, who says he is on his way to pick them up. She claims that make-up is still being applied. Armaan says he’ll wait in the backyard parking lot until the makeup is finished. Rudra emerges from the restroom, agitated because Preesha is around. He rushes back to the restroom, contacts Roohi, and tells her that Preesha is in MK studio and he is stranded in the restroom with no idea what to do.

Roohi says she’ll think about it. Vanskhika says she will accept MK’s assistance. She phones MK and requests that he not inform the clients in her studio that Rudra is there since Rudra is heading to their home as a gardner. MK wonders where Rudra is today. Vanshika says he’s caught in the restroom, so he should get Rudra out quietly. MK claims Rudra may escape by the bathroom window.

Preesha admires Vanshika’s cosmetics and to the restroom. MK inquires of Kanchan about the other woman that accompanied her. Kanchan claims to have gone to the restroom. Roohi instructs Rdura to exit the restroom via a window and meet them outdoors. Preesha is about to enter the restroom when MK stops her and angrily requests her not to. Rudra hears this and rushes to open the window. Preesha questions MK about why she shouldn’t use the restroom. MK claims that its door is often blocked. Preesha walks in after attempting to open the door.

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