Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st May 2022 Written Update Episode

Preesha Fails Revati’s Plan

Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st May 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 31 May 2022 Written Episode on

Everyone falls asleep after inhaling deadly smoke, save Revati, who wears a protective mask. Revati chuckles, thinking she gave Panditji harmful havan substance. She claims she would now take Rudra and Preesha’s lives as a form of retaliation for the death of her only son Dev. She chooses Ruhi and prepares to go when Preesha intervenes. Revati is taken aback when she sees her awake.

Preesha claims she was correct in her prediction that Revati would not keep silent imprisoned in a room and would act. She takes off her nasal blockers and recalls seeing smoke spreading around the home and assuming it was toxic. She puts them back on to rescue everyone, phones an ambulance and the fire department, and walks down.

Preesha asks Revati to give Ruhi to her in a flashback. Revati threatens Preesha with a revolver, threatening to take Ruhi from her forever. Aliya and Tarun enter the room. Revati conceals the weapon. Ruhi is taken by Preesha from Revati. Revati inquires as to how she came to be here. Aliya claims that Preesha aunty summoned her. Preesha inquires about her surprise.

Very nice, comments Revati. Aliya inquires as to why everyone is asleep. Revati claims that someone inhaled hazardous smoke, rendering everyone comatose. Preesha believes she will not allow Revati to harm her family in any way. Ambulance comes, accompanied by a doctor who informs Preesha that they have brought drugs and equipment in accordance with Preesha’s instructions. They begin their therapy.

Revati believes Preesha is brilliant for calling Aliya to stop her and paramedics to arrive in time to rescue everyone, but she will not give up lightly. After therapy, the family returns to normal. Rudra expresses his gratitude to the doctor for saving everyone’s life.

Preesha, the doctor argues, should be thanked for alerting them on time. Rudra and Sharda interrogate Preesha after the paramedics have left, asking how the smoke spread and what truly happened when she went up to change her dupatta. Preesha recounts the entire event. Rudra enquires as to who may have done this. Revati, who is a police commissioner, swears she will find out and orders Rudra and Preesha to finish the wedding before Muhurath dies away.

Preesha promises Rudra that she would be honest with him. Sharda pulls her aside and tells her that they should finish the wedding first, as Revati suggests. Preesha believes Revati deceived her, but she will expose the truth to Rudra after their marriage.

The wedding rites for Preesha and Rudra begin. During pheras, Preesha feels dizzy. Sharda and Rudra are concerned about her safety. She claims that she is OK and that she must have inadvertently inhaled the deadly gas. Rudra then fastens the mangalsutra around her neck and applies sindhoor on her brow. Panditji says that their wedding is now complete, and they will be married from now on. Saransh and Ruhi claim that they are already married and that we are simply remarrying them. Rudra claims they were forced to do so due to Ruhi’s demands. They all take a family photo.

Preesha notifies GPS about Revati’s horrible crime. Revati is acting as though she is innocent, according to GPS. Preesha thinks it’s great that she summoned Aliya to stop Revati, and that they should do so at any costs. Before Revati returns, she resolves to tell Rudra the truth. Rudra is informed by Sharda that Ruhi and Saransh have slept. Preesha enters and claims to know who is behind all of his antics.

Yuvraj is brought in by Revati, who claims to be the mastermind of the smoke assault. Rudraksh becomes enraged when he sees Yuvraj and assaults him. Revati inquires about Preesha’s willingness to protect Yuvraj. Preesha, according to Rudraksh, is aware that Yuvraj murdered Rajeev and would not defend him. Yuvraj acknowledged his misdeeds, according to Revati. Yuvraj takes full responsibility for everything and believes Revati may flee at any moment, but he will soon be rewarded for his efforts.

Yuvraj informs Preesha that his main objective in life is to kill Rudra and Preesha. Revati kidnaps GPS and shows Preesha a video of it.
Preesha throws up. Revati congratulates her after reading her report.

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