Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th September 2022 Written Update Episode

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th September 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Saransh explains to Roohi how he saw Armaan putting chilli powder in Rudra and Vanshika’s meal. As a result, he put a powder that causes stomach distress in Armaan’s food and forced him to spend the remainder of the party in the restroom. Pihu approaches them and inquires as to what is going on. Saransh remains silent. If she’s enjoying the celebration, Roohi inquires. Pihu affirms. When she arrives at Preesha, Roohi instructs her to contact her on a landline. She provides Preesha with food. Preesha explains how she intends to use her mehandi hands.

Roohi promises to feed her. Pihu dials Preesha’s landline number. Preesha requests that Roohi choose it. Roohi asks Rudra for assistance, claiming that her hands are filthy. Preesha’s pocket has the phone, which Rudra retrieves. Once again, Pihu calls Preesha. Preesha’s ears are covered by the phone when Rudra answers the call. Preesha claims she has trouble hearing. Rudra separates them. After saying she’ll call back later, Pihu hangs up. Preesha’s belly piercing catches Rudra’s attention as he puts her phone back in her waist pocket. The song Maine Tera Naam Dil Rakhdiya. In the background, music is playing. Rudra recalls the occasions when she initially had her belly pierced.

Armaan approaches them believing he is experiencing diarrhoea due to food contamination. He hurries back to the restroom after being envious of Rudra and Preesha standing close together. Preesha is sensually touched by Rudra, who claims that anytime she attempts to get away from him, she just draws closer to him. Preesha let him to touch her before awakening and walking away. Preesha, in Rudra’s opinion, can sense his love, and when he reminds her of everything, she will come back to him.

Rudra has allegedly fooled Armaan, therefore Armaan feels compelled to discipline Rudra. When Sharda observes Rudra’s veil, she instructs the attendant to deliver it to him and see to it that he wears it. Taken by Armaan, he drops oil upon the veil. Asserting that Sharda Maa donated it and that Rudra should unquestionably wear it, he then requests another servant to deliver it to Rudra. Wearing it, Rudra greets visitors. It ignites when Armaan throws lamp thread on it.

Preesha goes and takes Rudra’s veil aside after seeing it has taken fire. To witness that has startled everyone. Fire is started by Rudra. Next, Preesha’s dupatta starts to burn. She is warned by Sharda. It is removed from Rudra’s body. Then, her lehanga starts to burn. Rudra attempts to start a fire with her bare hands before wrapping a mat over her and rolling about on the ground to start a fire. Preesha gets up, remembering how Rudra had saved Rooohi in a like manner.

The song Maine Tera Naam Dil Rakhdiya. Another music is playing in the background. According to Preesha, Rudra once rescued Roohi in a same way. Preesha is enquired about by Armaan. Rudra allegedly rescued Preesha. They need to go right now, adds Rudra. He should first see whether Preesha is okay, advises Rudra. When Armaan claims that Preesha is his wife, he once again experiences diarrhoea and runs to the restroom. Saransh chuckles. Pihu inquires about Preesha’s well-being. She confirms and requests water.

She is led to the kitchen by Roohi, who gives her water. Preesha claims Rudra previously rescued Roohi in a same way. How does she know, Roohi queries. Preesha claims she experienced it. Roohi recalls her unique relationship with Rudra when she claims that it occurred when they were residing in a hamlet. Preesha may go home now, adds Armaan as he approaches her. Preesha concurs and follows him and Pihu to the vehicle as he declares that Rudra and even his own food are his foes and runs to the restroom once again. Preesha is urged not to harbour any stress by Pihu. Rudra informs Preesha’s relatives that he senses tension between them.

Preesha remembered the Rothak fire incident when Rudra saved her, according to Roohi. Preesha seemed disturbed for the same reason, says Rudra with joy. Saransh claims that Rudra’s phoney marriage scheme is succeeding. Preesha’s whole memory is gone, according to Roohi. Tomorrow during the phoney pheras, according to Rudra. Preesha is not taking her medications, according to Roohi and Pihu. Preeesha’s memories will absolutely fully return tomorrow, according to Rudra. As soon as Armaan overhears their chat, he recognises that Rudra was using the phoney marriage turmoil to jog Preesha’s memory, and he vows to stop it.

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