Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Rudraksh Realizes Armaan’s Plan

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Digvijay questions Saransh about what he and Rudra are doing here while on vacation. Saransh claims that they had also come for a holiday. Rudra, according to Armaan, instructed his children to lie and came here to cause problems for Preesha. Rudra believes Armaan is lying. Rudra, according to Armaan, is utilising his children in his terrible and cheap deeds.

Roohi appears with Sharda and claims her father is not awful. Rudra is taken aback to see them. Saransh remembers telling Sharda about the resort over the phone. Sharda urges Armaan not to wrongfully accuse her song as her son is her pride, Armaan does not own Shimla, even if they came on holiday, and so forth. She begs Preesha to believe in her. Armaan believes Sharda’s drama will derail his plan and takes Preesha away, ordering Rudra to keep away from Preesha or he would file another police report.

Sharda inquires of Rudra about the incident. Rudra claims he has no recollection of anything. Saransh admits that after drinking coffee, he became weary and fell asleep. Rudra deduces that Armaan must have put something in his coffee. Saransh believes Armaan invited everyone here to make a drama. Rudra declares that he would not spare Armaan. Sharda interrupts him and says they must first uncover evidence of his innocence.

Preesha tells her family she has no recollection of what occurred after she completed supper with Armaan. Armaan claims he dropped her off and then proceeded to her room. He claims Rudra drugged her meal and then brought her to his room using the master key, recalling how Rudra used to torment and aggressively become personal with her. Preesha remembers seeing Armaan’s video. Preesha believes he is correct and chooses to make a police report against Rudra. Armaan claims Rudra is a star who will be released on bond, therefore they should both go to an unknown location. Preesha claims that Rudra would arrive even there, therefore she should not be frightened of him and have him imprisoned. Armaan is concerned that his truth would be revealed if Rudra is caught, therefore he must exercise caution.

Rudra is apprehended by the police. Rudra inquires as to what he done. Inspector said they received a report about him misbehaving with Preesha and attempting to abuse her. Sharda claims that her kid can do no wrong. Armaan must have submitted the complaint, according to Rudra. Preesha walks in and states that she filed this complaint. Preesha appears with her family and announces that she has filed a complaint against Rudra. Digvijay believes Rudra should be imprisoned for attempting to abuse Preesha. Rudra claims it is Armaan’s plot and attempts to seize him. Preesha pulls him aside and tells him not to touch her spouse. She requests that inspection arrest and imprison Rudra.

Saransh receives a report from a lab technician. Saransh notifies Rudra that his blood test results have arrived. Rudra gives the inspector the report and claims that it confirms his coffee was drugged. He remembers contacting a lab technician to get his blood tested. In a flashback, he shows Preesha the blood result and asks whether she believes he was drugged and that someone is framing him to cause friction between them.

Rudra, according to Armaan, is lying; he must have drugged himself after drugging Preesha and is accusing someone else; maybe he paid lab technicians and even police. Inspector tells him not to accuse his squad and threatens him with grave repercussions if he does. He refuses to arrest Rudra after demonstrating his innocence and warns Armaan to seek aid from the Delhi police since Shimla police may be bought. Digvijay thinks Rudra is brilliant. Preesha attempts to flee. Roohi grabs her hand and calls her mommy.

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