Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Roohi and Saransh are Rudra's offspring

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Preesha questions Armaan about why he didn’t tell her that Roohi and Saransh are Rudra’s offspring. Armaan claims he told the truth because she would be startled to learn that the children she loves the most are the offspring of the guy she despises the most. Preesha inquires about their mother. Armaan becomes agitated and inquires about their mother. Preesha claims he failed to notify her that their mother had gone someplace.

The waiter brings her drugged water. Armaan believes she will no longer question her. Saransh leads Rudra to his chamber. Room complains of being tired and suffering from a strong headache. Saransh tells him to relax since he is fatigued and offers him a headache medication. Sharda phones Saransh and inquires as to his whereabouts. He tells her that he and Rudra are in a Shimla resort, attempting to recreate old events in front of Preesha in order to reclaim her memory.

Preesha is tired after drinking drugged water. Armaan takes her to Rudra’s room and forces her to sleep next to him. He believes Preesha would be surprised to find Rudra next to him, so he will come in the morning and stage a scene. He unbuttons Rudra’s shirt and puts him to bed while cuddling Preesha. Pihu and her parents arrive at the resort the next morning to surprise Preesha and Armaan. Armaan appears perplexed. Pihu claims she knocked on Preesha’s door, but she did not answer the phone. Armaan adds, “Let’s surprise her,” and pretends to be unable to unlock Preesha’s chamber door.

He phones her room and informs her that she is not answering. Kanchan suggests that we grab the master key and unlock the door. Armaan believes his strategy is working. He informs the receptionist that his wife has not responded. The receptionist unlocks the room door with the master key. Armaan doesn’t see Preesha and asks whether he saw his wife go. Receptionist denies this. Armaan, together with his family and hotel employees, searches for Preesha and smirks, believing it’s time to completely remove Rudra from Preesha’s life.

Preesha awakens, surprised that she had such a nice and deep sleep after such a long period. She is then startled to see Rudra asleep next to her with his shirt buttons undone. She splatters water on him, waking him awake. Rudra is astounded to see her and wonders how she got into his room. He maintains he has no idea how she got into his room. Armaan walks in with his family and is surprised to find Rudra sleeping with Preesha. He grabs Rudra’s collar and yells at him for daring to touch Preesha. Rudra interrupts him and explains that Armaan knows who can do such a horrific deed, but he has no idea how Preesha got into his room or what occurred the night before. Armaan claims he contaminated Preesha’s meal, obtained masterkey by paying hotel workers, and then took Preesha to his room. He accuses Rudra of attempting to force himself on Preesha. Rudra cautions him not to say anything negative. Preesha wonders how she got there. Rudra believes he does not have a solution right now.

Sharda phones Saransh and inquires how long he and Rudra would be in Shimla. Saransh says he’ll be gone for a few days. Sharda says she intends to pay them a visit with Roohi. Saransh thinks it’s an excellent concept. He rushes to investigate after hearing noises from Rudra’s rooma. Rudra informs Preesha that he has no idea how she got here; Armaan is poisoning her and manipulating her. Digvijay urges him not to lie and asks why he came here when they were on vacation. Rudra is deafeningly quiet. Digvijay claims he followed Armaan and Preesha to annoy them, thus he should stop lying. Saransh claims Rudra is not lying since he dropped Rudra to his room and forced him to lie on the bed when he became tired after drinking coffee the night before. Digvijay wonders whether he stayed with Rudra all night since Rudra can mislead anybody. He replies he would surely support his father and wonders why he is concerned about Preesha. Saransh responds, “Because Preesha is my mother,” then adds, “Like a mother.” Digvijay inquires whether he and Rudr3a followed them here.

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