Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Preesha believes the same event occurred before

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

A piece of firewood lands on Saransh’s foot. Preesha observes this and rushes up to him. Rudra becomes worried and attempts to assist Saransh, but Saransh prevents him and endures the burn. Preesha comes up to Saransh, calls his name, tosses away the firewood with her bear hands, and asks whether he is okay. Saransh is overjoyed and wonders whether she remembers him. Preesha claims she recognises him as Roohi’s brother Saransh. Saransh is dissatisfied.

Preesha believes the same event occurred before. Saransh inquires as to whether she remembers the incident. Preesha claims she has no recollection but believes she does. She observes his burned foot and invites him to follow her so she may apply ointment to it. Saransh expresses her own pain while accompanying her and giving Rudra a thumbs up. Rudra believes Preesha did not remember the events, although she is aware of it. Armaan becomes enraged at witnessing Rudra and Saransh and believes Rudra would go to any length to see Preesha.

Preesha treats Saransh’s food burn with ointment. Saransh also puts ointment on Preesha’s hand burn, which causes tears to flow. Preesha inquires as to why he is sobbing. Saransh refers to her as mom and then says he misses his own mother. Preesha remarks that he, too, is emotional like Roohi and wonders if they are both Rudra’s offspring. Saransh affirms. Preesha claims that hearing Rudra’s name causes her to lose control. Saransh wonders why she saved him in the first place. Preesha believes the event occurred before and feels linked to him. Saransh says since she is his mother, then like his mother. Preesha embraces him and tells him she is not his mommy, but she can treat him like one. Saransh departs. Preesha wonders why she feels the same way about him as she does for Roohi.

Saransh decides to alert Rudra about it and meets with him. Armaan pursues him to see why Rudra and Saransh are here. Rudra inquires of Saransh if he followed through on the agreement. Saransh claims mother had no recollection of the occurrence, yet she fell as if she had seen it before. Rudra suggests that they attempt to make one more memory in front of Preesha. Armaan hears their plot and considers thwarting them. Rudra gets him a coffee and Saransh a milkshake. Armaan bribes the server and sneaks drugs into Rudra’s coffee. Rudra has finished his coffee. Armaan claims Rudra is terrified of what would happen next and will never approach Preesha again.

Rudra is sleepy and says he won’t be able to drive back to Delhi, so he’ll get a hotel of the same kind and rest. He reserves two nearby rooms. Armaan follows them and bribes the waiter once again to get the master key to all rooms. He then enters Preesha’s room. Preesha inquires whether he is well, since he had phoned and cancelled their dinner plans due to illness. Armaan notices Rudra modulating their voice as they phone each other to cancel their dinner reservation. He believes he has grasped Rudra’s true intention, tells Preesha they can go for dinner now since he is alright, and believes Rudra should wait and see what he does next.

Sharda gives milk to Roohi and inquires as to why she left the home. Roohi demands that Saransh and Rudra stop fighting and that she be reunited with Preesha as soon as possible. Sharda says she has the same thoughts as Preesha and begs her to contact them if she misses them. Roohi informs Sharda that she is being furious toward them, thus she should contact them. Armaan drives Preesha to the resort’s restaurant and pays the waiter once again to put tablets into Preesha’s dinner. Preesha questions Armaan about why he didn’t tell her that Rudra is Saransh and Roohi’s father.

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