Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th May 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 27 May 2022 Written Episode on

Police began searching for Khurana. Sarnish asks Parisha and Rudra why Tarun took his name. Parisha says she doesn’t know, it looks like someone forced Tarun to take her name. Ruder says he will find out and tells her not to worry. Sharda says this is a serious problem. Rudraksh takes Sarnish with him to meet a lawyer. Rohi asked Parisha what the police were looking for.

Parisha says this is an elderly person’s problem and therefore she should not be worried. Rohi thinks that Aunty Ravi will know what the police are looking for, so she will ask Ravi. Ravi hides drugs in Sarnash’s closet when Rohi goes to her and asks what the police are looking for. Ravi said police were looking for the drug, which is a white powder and it was illegal to keep it, and if found in Kharana’s house, police would arrest Sarnish. She tells him not to worry because Sarnish won’t do anything. Anxious for spiritual upheaval.

Ravi then goes to the inspector and asks him to raid Sarnash’s room directly as he had hidden drugs there. The inspector says he can’t do it directly, otherwise he will be suspected and so he will go there. GPS listens to their conversations. Revati notices this and acts as a scolding inspector to conduct a proper search of the premises. Ravi slipped and tried to grab the cupboard handle, but the door opened.

A packet of medicine with books fell. Rohi picks up the packet and goes to show it to Sharda. Police found no drugs in Sarnash’s room. Sharda brought the police to her room. Rohi eats powder and thinks that the police will not arrest Sarnash anymore. Police also found nothing in Sharda’s room and went outside. She then falls on her body due to drugs. Sharda got upset and moved towards him.

The inspector told Ruder that he had not found any drugs in his house. Rudra scolds the police for unnecessarily harassing his family. The inspector apologizes and leaves. Sharda called the family to come soon. The family approached him and saw Rohi collapsing.

Parisha and Radra were shocked to see him. Rohi opened his eyes and said that he had eaten white powder to save Sarnish. Ravi said that Rohi had taken poison and wondered how Rohi got drugs. Sarnash cries that he did not bring drugs into the house. GPS says it doesn’t need to say anything. Ravi says he needs to inform the police first. Rudra begs him to take Rohi to the hospital first and save his life, then call whomever he wants.

Kharanas rushed Rohi to the hospital where the doctor treated him and said that his condition was critical and he should pray to God. Parisha cried when she heard this. Sharda reassured him. Parisha ran away from there. Rudra tried to chase him, but Sharda stopped him.

Parisha goes to the temple and prays to God to save Rohi. The nurse told Ruder that Rohi’s condition was improving. Outside the temple, Parisha listens to the snakes and asks them questions. He tells her that his friend has made a lot of money by lending a venomous snake to a woman. Parisha shows him a picture of Ravi and he informs her about it.

PreCape: Parisha asks Torne why he lied to police that Sarnish had drugs. GPS informed Parisha that he had suspected Ravi from the beginning. They both follow the tradition. Ravi prepares a sweet dish and presents it to Kharranas.