Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Saransh Risks His Life To Get Back Preesha’s Memory

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Vanshika, disguised as pest control, overhears Pihu and her parents’ talk in order to get the name of the resort where Preesha and Armaan are vacationing. Pihu loves the resort’s atmosphere. Kanchan inquires as to its name. Pihu says she’ll find out tomorrow when they get there. Vanshika feels compelled to inquire about the number of family members and approaches Kanchan and Digvijay.

Digvijay becomes enraged. Kanchan says five. Vanshika inquires about the other two. Digvijay becomes even more enraged and refuses to provide any further information. She inquires about the location of the restroom for pest control and searches Pihu’s room for the resort’s address.

Rudra receives a call from Vanshika, who tells him that she was unable to locate the resort’s name. Rudra and Saransh travel to a local temple and pray to God to help them locate Preesha. Vanshika enters Pihu’s room and listens in on Pihu and Preesha’s chat. Digvijay spots her and inquires as to her purpose for being here. Vanshika claims she is inspecting the hallway to determine whether it need pest management. Digvijay instructs her to go from there. When Vanshika hears Pihu adopting the resort name, she moves cautiously towards the door. She praises God and notifies Rudra of the resort’s name. Rudra expresses gratitude to her. Instead, she requests that he praise God for their assistance.

Rudra arrives at the resort with Saransh and asks him how they would manufacture memories and make Preesha recall them. Saransh recalls Preesha saving him from a burn mishap at the Baishaki festival by burning her own hand. He tells Rudra about his scheme. Rudra claims he cannot put Saransh’s life at danger. Saransh claims that his mother will protect him and would save him from the fire. Rudra believes Saransh is willing to stake his life for his mother, but as a parent, he will not allow this to happen. Saransh wonders how they will deal with Armaan, who won’t allow them approach Preesha. Rudra claims to have a solution.

Armaan pays hotel personnel to arrange the room in preparation for his personal relationship with Preesha, believing that once he is intimate with Preesha, Rudra and his children would be unable to stop him. Preesha phones him and tells him she can’t spend supper with him because she’s sick. Armaan tells her to look after herself and complains that she spoiled his plan. Rudra admits that he modified Preesha and Armaan’s voice, forcing them to cancel their dinner appointment. When Preeshha spots Saransh and remembers the previous occurrence, he attaches a thread to a burning wood to pull it. Saransh performs a song while sitting by the fire. Preesha approaches the balcony after hearing his music. Rudra yanks on the cord. Preesha observes this and remembers the previous occurrence. Rudra is concerned about Saransh, worrying that he may be burned.

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