Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th May 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 26 May 2022 Written Episode on

Sarnash saw Ravi in ​​his room and asked what she was looking for in her study table. Raviti hides the packet she was trying to keep in the drawer and says she needed a pen to sign some important documents. Sarnash picks up the pen from behind and gives it to him.

He thanks her and leaves quietly. Ruder, on the other hand, found the door to his room locked. The salon staff opened the door and told her that they had put on make-up for the concert. Rudra completes Parisha and says that she looks very beautiful.

He then gives her a talisman to save her from evil eye and sorrow and says that he cannot lose her again. She asks him to fix her neck. When Sharda invites him to the music ceremony, he becomes romantic.

They both go down for the ritual. Sharda offers them. Rudra asked about Sarnish and Rohi. They both approach him and say that he is doing something special for their company. Rohi told them to think. Ruder says that there is nothing but dance.

Rohi says that they will play the role of Rudra and Parisha and show that they will fight or fall in love. Everyone applauds them. They act just like Perisha and Rudra. Rudra and Parisha express their love for each other and walk on stage. They have a family hug.

Ravi is jealous of this and thinks that even though she had a happy family with 2 children and a husband, Parisha and Rudra ruined her family. She gets a call from someone and she tells him not to come so soon. Then she puts a packet in Sarnish’s drawer and thinks that now the real game will start.

Sarnash announces GPS and Sharda performance. Ravi joins them and dances with them. After the performance, she calls someone. Sarnash announces the next performance of Rudra and Parisha. Radra and Parisha danced to the famous song.

The police come and stop their performance. If there is a problem, Ruder told the inspector. The inspector said they had come to raid his house because they had been informed that drugs were in his house. Ruder was shocked to learn that this was incorrect information.

Parisha asked who had the drugs in her house. Inspector Sarnish Kharana says. Ruder says his son could never do that. Sarnish says nervously that he has never used drugs in his life. Sharda says her children do nothing wrong.

The inspector said he had uncovered a drug racket at the school and found a boy named Sarnish. He calls Tarun. Parisha is shocked to see her and asks why she is making false accusations against Sarnish. Ravi works to support families.

Inspectors say they know the rules, they have to do their duty. Ruder opposed the search of his home. Ravi says she can’t break the rules and says she doesn’t have to worry if Sarnish isn’t wrong. Sharda asked Ravi if she could not stop the raid as police commissioner.

Ravi says there will be legal complications and agrees to find Ruder. She then gestures to the inspector to move on and thinks that the drama of Parisha and Rudra’s marriage is over, the police find drugs in Sarnish’s room and then she sends him to jail and Dev dies. Will take revenge.

PreCape: Rohi asks Ravi what the police are looking for in his house. Ravi says it is a white powder. Rohi finds a packet of powder in Sarnish’s room and she falls down. Sardha saw him. GPS informed Parisha that Ravi had arranged the raid and she was suspicious from the beginning.