Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Pihu shows Preesha photos of Shimla resorts

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th July 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Rudra is saddened by the memory of lifting his hand on Saransh when Saraysn approaches him. He then finds Roohi is absent and inquires of Saransh. Saransh claims she is someplace. Rudra discovers Roohi’s letter in which she states that she is weary of Rudra and Saransh’s arguments and is thus travelling alone to fetch Preesha home.

Saransh wonders where she went. Pihu shows Preesha photos of Shimla resorts and thinks they are stunning. Preesha thinks it’s lovely. Pihu suggests that we go there today. Preesha inquires about her college and Armaan’s job. Pihu feels it’s OK to miss a few days of college, and she even persuaded Armaan. Preesha concurs. Armaan enters and, upon hearing Presha’s acceptance, says he will book the rooms.

When Raj and Vidyut come home, they tell Rudra that they were unable to find Roohi. Rudra chastises the guards and staff for failing to notice Roohi as she left the house. Saransh claims Sharda is also not at home. Sharda phones Rudra to let him know that Roohi is with her. Rudra inquires as to their whereabouts. Sharda claims that Roohi is angry by Rudra and Saransh’s quarrel and wants to go away from them for a while, so she took Roohi elsewhere.

Saransh requests that she allow him to apologise to Roohi. Roohi, according to Sharda, does not want to. Rudra inquires as to their whereabouts, stating that he will be there to take them up. Sharda claims Roohi refused to provide the location, therefore she would bring Roohi home after she has calmed down. Raj and Vidyut both agree that the child is excessive. Rudra is powerless. Saransh feels bad and decides to go to Preesha’s house and bring her back home in order to get Roohi back home.

Preesha prepares for the vacation and is disappointed that Pihu would not join her after organising the trip. Pihu says she has an important lecture tomorrow and will accompany her. Digvijay says he’ll complete his meeting and join them later, but Armaan and Preesha should spend time together first. Preesha and Armaan depart.

Saransh observes this and confronts the watchman, who tells him that they both went on vacation for a few days but don’t remember where they went. When Saransh sees Pihu approaching, he learns that only Armaan and Preesha went on vacation. He notifies Rudra of this. Rudra wants Raj’s assistance in determining where they went through Pihu. Raj accepts and has Pihu sit next to him, but he remains silent.

Armaan and Preesha have arrived in Shimla. Raj considers how to find out where they are from Pihu. Pihu understands Preesha’s message. Raj sees and diverts her attention to a message informing her that Preesha has arrived at A Shimla resort. He then notifies Rudra of the situation. Rudra prepares to go to Shimla. Saransh stops him and warns him not to make any more mistakes in a hurry, because Armaan will catch and humiliate him.

Armaan inquires about Preesha’s impressions on the resort. She says okay and asks him to reserve two rooms. He wonders why they are two when they are husband and wife. She expresses her discomfort. He claims he was kidding when he booked two adjacent rooms for them, but then decides to sleep in her room tonight.

Rudra informs Saransh that they would go to Shimla and attempt to recreate Saransh-related experiences in front of Preesha, since he is Preesha’s first kid, as well as evaluate her recollections. They arrive at Shimla. Saransh wonders how they would find out where Preesha is living. Rudra contacts Vanshika and tells her about Preesha’s Shimla trip and wants her to come to their home and find out the name of her resort. Vanshika arrives at the home as a pest controller and listens in on Pihu and her parents’ talk to learn the name of the resort.

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