Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Armaan’s Conspiracy Against Prem/Rudra

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

On a wet floor, Prem/Rudra slips and tumbles. He is approached by Preesha, Armaan, and others who advise him to exercise caution. According to Prem, the floor had grease on it. On Armaan’s command, Digvijay recollects spilling oil on the ground. Preesha queries how oil may be on the floor. Perhaps he is mistaken, says Rudra. Kanchan tells Panditji that Prem gave him the idol of Bal Gopal. The idol shouldn’t be accepted from anybody without following correct established protocol, according to Panditji, who also advises her to give it back to Prem to avoid upsetting both him and Kanchan.

Preesha gives Prem his idol back and tells him she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him. Prem claims he’s doing OK. Backing Preesha is Kanchan. Taking the idol, Prem departs. Armaan believes he kept Preesha and Rudra apart till now and would wait to see whether the idol succeeds in becoming its true owner, Rudra, or not. He remembers paying Pandtiji to play the drama.

Back ache causes Prem to writhe. While applying ointment on his back, Saransh and Roohi consider if the priest was correct. Prem encourages him to give the idol back to Sharda and muses that maybe he is correct. Saransh approaches Khurana House while carrying the idol. As he observes him, Armaan believes his strategy is working. Raj meets Pihu. Raj declares he won’t be competing and asks Rudra not to judge the competition as he displays the invitation card for her competition with Rudra listed as the primary guest. As it concerns his work, Pihu advises against doing it and claims Preesha has already shared her idea. Preesha had suggested that she produce a different card without Rudra’s name so that Armaan would arrive at the competition site first and they could then keep him back, she said. Raj accepts her suggestion and says he’ll assist.

When Saransh arrives at the Khurana residence, he gives Sharda the idol. To avoid a collision, Armaan drives Preesha far and slams his vehicle into the security guard cabin at Khurana’s residence. His hand sustains damage. Sharda approaches them after hearing a disturbance outside her home and inquires as to what they are doing. Preesha claims that their automobile ran over her security station. Sharda checks everything out and discovers Armaan’s hand is hurt. Preesha inquires as to if there is a clinic or first-aid kit nearby. Let’s go home and bandage it, Armaan adds. They will get a first-aid kit, Sharda promises. Armaan recalled hiring a motorcyclist to ride at a high rate of speed toward his automobile to simulate an accident. Sharda welcomes them, provides a first-aid kit, and calls Rudra to let him know about the accident.

Armaan’s hand is bandaged by Preesha, who also thanks Sharda. Instead of conversing on the phone, Armaan decides that Preesha should turn her attention to the idol and sneaks away to the house shrine. Preesha jumps to pick him up. Armaan displays her idol and claims that it is the same idol that the gardener had given them, demonstrating Prem’s role as Rudra’s assistant. Preesha queries Sharda concerning the idol. It has reportedly been in Sharda’s home for a while. According to Armaan, Rudra is attempting to control Preesha by sending this idol to their home via the gardener Prem. When her son is accused of anything, Sharda demands that he provide evidence. In order to find out whether or not the idol is in Prem’s room, Armaan promises to do so and phones Digvijay.

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