Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Preesha Gets Flashbacks Of Her Past

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Preesha has a flashback of the Janmashtami event, when Rudra gives her Bal Gopal’s idol. She thinks it’s a really lovely idol and she wanted to get one; how did he find out? Rudra claims they are linked at the heart. They both confess their feelings for one another. Preesha remembers conducting idol pooja with Rudra in a flashback. She passes out. Family members get anxious. Armaan picks her up and leads her to a room. Rudra returned to the servant quarters, concerned about Preesha asks the kids whether he went too far. Preesha fell after viewing the idol and having a flashback, according to Saransh. According to Rudra, the doctor cautioned them that their scheme may backfire. Roohi assures him that God is with them.

Armaan is waiting for Preesha in her room. Digvijay approaches him and inquires about Preesha’s condition. Armaan says she’s alright now and sleeping, that he gave her medication, and that when she wakes up, she’ll be fine. Digvijay claims that Preesha only collapses after seeing Rudra. Armaan claims he observed Preesha collapsing after seeing Krishnaji’s idol, and he is certain that gardener Prem is Rudra’s aide since he changed the idol; he will catch Prem red handed soon.

Rudra is adamant on seeing Preesha. Roohi and Saransh devise a strategy. They come up to Kanchan and ask for something to eat since they are hungry. Kanchan will fetch them a sandwich. They say they’ll have it in the guest house and go towards it. Roohi remembers discussing with Rudra and Saransh her plan to go inside the home instead of obtaining something to eat, hide someplace until everyone falls asleep, then secretly enter Preesha’s room and open the window so that Rudra may watch her.

She enters Preesha’s room as planned after everyone has fallen asleep, and Preesha opens the window after being pampered. Rudra enters through the window with Saransh and takes a seat next to Preesha. The title theme from Serial is playing in the background. Sarnash knocks over a water bottle. Rudra requests that he remain silent while Armaan remains in another room. Roohi suggests they go right now. Saransh drops the water bottle once again. Armaan notices this and goes to Preesha’s room. Rudra is alerted when Roohi hears his footsteps. Rudra rushes out with them, inadvertently dropping his towel. Arman walks into Preesha’s room and discovers Prem’s towel.

Pihu enters into Preesha’s room the next morning, seeing her sad, and asks why. Preesha claims she saw a flashback of herself and Rudra in which she was visibly thrilled with Rudra. Pihu inquires as to if she means she plainly saw herself pleased with Rudra. Preesha believes she viewed it incorrectly. Prem overhears their chat and tells her that she saw it correctly since Kanhaji’s idol is extremely strong and reveals the truth, therefore she should believe Kanhaji. She praises Kanhaji for providing Preesha with relevant flashbacks. Armaan overhears their chat while hiding and decides to establish that Prem is Rudra’s helper right now. He enters, clutching Prem’s towel. Prem claims he came to get his towel after dropping it last night while watering plants and foliage. He remembers remembering he had dropped his towel in Preesha’s room as he was going out of it, and his children forbidding him from returning there because of Armaan’s presence.

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