Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Preesha Makes Armaan Apologize To Prem/Rudraksh

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd August 2022 Written Update Episode on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Digvijay leads Prem/Rudra out of the house, accusing him of stealing the god’s idol. Roohi stops him and informs him that Armaan took the idol. Armaan claims that Rudra ordered Roohi to mislead Preesha and falsely accuse him in his own home, and that he would toss out the children as well as the gardener. Saransh advises against touching his sister.

Roohi claims Armaan is powerless since she has evidence against him. She plays the footage of Armaan stealing the idol and storing it in his cabinet. She has a flashback in which she goes to see whether Rudra switched the idol and discovers Armaan recording Prem. She has an idea and films Armaan’s footage from her phone of him stealing the idol and hiding it in his cabinet.

Preesha approaches Armaan, asking why he did this. Armaan says he still doubts Prem and believes Rudra sent Prem, therefore he did that. Preesha wonders where Rudra is in all of this, and advises him to quit blaming innocent old man Prem and return the idol. Armaan leaves to carry the idol. Raj is witnessing the drama and praises God that Roohi handled the situation well. Preesha questions Rudra about why he replaced the idol.

Prem claims she loves him and everyone, so he wanted to give her a better idol and swapped it; he has stored their idol in a drawer. Kanchan investigates and inquires as to why he did not respond when Armaan accused him. Prem claims Armaan did not allow him to speak and intends to throw him out of the home in retaliation. He continues his statement, saying that it is better for him to leave now than than have his self-esteem continuously shattered by Armaan.

Preesha interrupts him and begs Armaan to apologise to Prem for causing him to lose his self-esteem. Armaan wonders whether she’s crazy to believe he’ll apologise to a gardener. Kanchan also demands that he apologise to Prem for his scheme. Armaan expresses regret to Prem. Roohi requests that he repeat it loudly. With folded hands, Armaan says, “I’m sorry again.” Preesha asks Prem whether he won’t go now. Prem claims that the problem is now resolved. Roohi believes she has punished Armaan for his scheme and would proceed only after victory.

Kanchan summons everyone to aarti. Armaan attempts to flee. Digvijay stops him and tells him to remain back or Preesha would get enraged. Kanchan begins aarti. Rudra/Prem is hoping that Preesha recalls anything after viewing the idol. Roohi and Saransh are also hoping that Preesha would recognise the idol. Aarti is performed by Preesha and Armaan. Leaves the idol alone. Preesha remembers doing puja with Rudra.

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