Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th October 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th October 2022 Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein 20 October 2022

Preesha is informed by Rudra that he is delighted with the outcome of her divorce from Armaan and that he has organised a celebration night to mark the occasion. Preesha arrives home and becomes anxious after reading Armaan’s letter. She begins to wonder how she will now marry Rudra. Rudra is waiting with her below, says Roohi as she approaches her with Saransh. Rudra welcomes her in and says that all of the guests are waiting for her. Preesha decides to grab herself some juice while leaving her handbag on a table. A letter that was in her bag shoots out and lands in front of Rudra. Rudra chooses it. Preesha observes it and becomes anxious. When Preesha intentionally knocks into Rudra and spills juice on him, Rudra has just opened the letter and is ready to read it. He queries how she is doing. Preesha claims she is okay, but the border of her sari got caught in her shoes. She selects the letter in silence and expresses gratitude to God that Rudra did not read it.

Vidyuth walks into the gathering. Pihu avoids going near him. He gives her a kiss while indicating that she is looking stunning. When Raj sees it, he becomes envious and believes that his plot to make Pihu loathe Vidyuth and never see him again was unsuccessful, so he will now make Vidyuth envious. Pihu is saddened to see Vidyuth’s bandaged foot and wonders who would damage oneself in such a way. When Raj interjects and asks Pihu to dance, she advances to assist him. Pihu concurs and dances with him. He is reminded by her that he is not interested in becoming her buddy. He claims he understood that, even without her company, he could at least be her buddy. Pihu praises him and expresses her concern about losing a buddy.

When Rudra stops Vidyuth and asks why he isn’t dancing with Pihu, Vidyuth is ready to smash an alcohol glass out of envious rage at their dancing. Rudra warns him that he would punish him if he can’t persuade Pihu. Vidyuth claims he is already inconsolable. Rudra is alarmed when she sees his bandaged feet. In order to get Preesha to approve of his and Pihu’s love and have them married, Vidyuth claims he must persuade her. Rudra concurs. Then Ruda requests a dance and announces his and Preesha’s dance. On the song Lakhon Miley Koi Bhi Na Tumsa Mila, they both dance while professing their love for one another. Preesha considers how to break the news to him that their pleasure will pass quickly and that a significant issue awaits them. After their performance, everyone applauds for them.

The waiter tells Vidyuth that he received a call from the patio. He approaches the terrace and observes that it is adorned but is empty. Pihu enters. She makes Vidyuth pleased, and he inquires as to what is going on. According to Pihu, he seemed envious when she was dancing with Raj, so she wanted to do something special for him. He claims not to be. Pihu claims she was thinking too much and attempting to make him feel special when she should have just left. She is stopped by Vidyuth, who admits that he was feeling envious. She says that they should dance. She is aware of his burned feet, he claims. She forces him to sit down while encircling him with passionate dancing to the tune Teri Awargi Banjawoon Main. When Raj sees them, he becomes envious and decides he needs to take drastic measures to keep them apart using a larger plot.

Rudra is asked by Sharda whether he reserved the Blue Ocean Hotel without telling him since she preferred a private wedding. Rudra claims that because he had Preesha back after all those years, he didn’t want to make the occasion any more special. Preesha descends. Where is she going? asks Rudra. She claims to be heading to the salon. Since their wedding is in a few hours and he reserved a hotel, Rudra advises her to contact her parlour lady there rather than waiting for her to see her at home. Preesha claims the parlour woman has to attend the parlour since she cannot transport specific equipment to the hotel. She pledges to arrive at the hotel on schedule. Preesha is informed by Roohi that she has phoned her repeatedly. Preesha returns to her room after saying she left her phone there. Rudra is informed by Jewler that a necklace has arrived and that Vidyuth requested it.

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